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Run On Your Own Gas


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Stupid.  Another manifestation of the institutional idiocy that plagues this organization.


1.  Weakling washes out at right tackle.  Bench him after 12 weeks and install him as starter at LT next season.

2.  Come up with training camp motto that will lead to innumerable fart jokes.

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I was offended when they didn't include renewable sources of energy in their slogan.

Run on your own windfarm. 

But to the point of the slogan.     As I said in the draft threads there's no excuse there's either TALENT OR they are not developing TALENT.

So if the coaching staff isn't running on their own gas are they going to get the axe in mass or is it just going to be pass the buck and 1 guy takes the fall?

Or if these guys drafted aren't as good as advertised is there a front office shake up?

This is the ending that has been coming since the 2013 and 2015 playoff meltdowns.   They've had their chance to try and sew it back together but unfortunately it's going the way many feared.    The fall from grace is never easy.    The Bengals make it worse because they never do things quickly and like to drag it on.   

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First home opener in years to begin a 50 year celebration.   They get smoked at home with Marvin Lewis giving up with a punt late in the 4th.

In reality there was never any gas to run on from anyone.   It's just a sad conclusion to missed opportunities from 2013-2015 seasons.

Last two seasons have been a big waste letting an old coach try to hold on. 

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