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Brandon LaFell Re-Signed


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Good move and good contract $$$.  It will be a cheap contract by the time the weekend is done.  

On Wednesday I caught a little bit of sports talk and Free agency.  The host of the show asked his National guest (can't remember who it was) about various Free Agent deals.   The host threw out LaFell in a tone of not being very important and probably not resign.   The guest went total opposite direction and basically said the Bengals love LaFell including AJ Green.   Something about his strongest routes fit perfectly across from Green.  Also said he's not sure how much it gets talked about in Cincinnati but Urban the WR coach from his prospective is considered the best in the league.   A lot of talk about around the league about the quality of the work Urban does.

Not sure if this takes them out of the market for WR in draft but the frontline guys will be much further ahead opening camp than last year.   Just need health.


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Seeing as how most coaches claim it takes a season or two for WR's to develop, taking a WR should still be considered.
LaFell's deal is for two seasons, so that would make sense.

Hell, I wanted LaFell back AND still considered taking a WR at #9.
I recall posting a WR corps of AJ, LaFell, Boyd, and top pick would make a formidable top 4.
They could still bring along Erickson and Core, while covering potential injuries.

It wouldn't be the dumbest thing they could do.
That would be reaching for an OT at #9 due to the mass exodus of talent.

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James Wright, who can't stay healthy and plays less than 50% on special teams has earmarked a roster spot for a WR IF they use a significant pick on one. 

5 spots look stable with Green, Boyd, LaFell, Core, and Erickson.     They could even use a decent pick and still elect to keep Wright.


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There were a # of better WR's on the market that were only slightly more expensive than LaFell, but in typical loser fashion, the Bengals' went for mediocrity after a losing season.

LaFell isn't horrible, but he's hardly a compliment to AJ downfield and I'm not sure he's worth anything near $5 mil a year.  But hey, it's the Bengals', whatever comes easy.

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1 hour ago, ArmyBengal said:

Him and Boyd put on solid numbers in replacing Jones and Sanu from 2015. Not really a reason to dick with that much. They can still add a top WR in the draft and have a very good WR corps. However, the o-line is still an abortion !!!

Exactly. We have bigger problems.

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