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What to do for 2017 and beyond!


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Well Folks, the 2016 Football season is over for the state of Ohio. Bengals and Browns didn’t make it to the playoffs and the Buckeyes got spanked. There are 6 head coaching positions available in the NFL and the Bengals aren’t one of them. Which means we will have Marvin Lewis for yet another year. That’s another year of an undisciplined football team, another year of poor time management on the field, more wasted time out, more drives stopped due to penalties, more missed tackles, etc. Oh, and if we actually go 8-8 next season, that’s an improvement and he will most likely be extended past 2017. I like Marvin Lewis; he did a great deal for this team, turning things around for us. But he has yet to prove that he can get us deep into the playoffs and to the Super Bowl. Year after year, we see the same issues with players, same performance, same attitude, same excuses, same plan to get better, etc. I think it’s time for a change and if I were king for a day, I’d promote Lewis to GM – if he wanted it, then offer Jon Gruden the HC position.  Bring in fresh ideas, new coaching philosophy, different leadership, etc. We seem to have a great team on paper year after year; last year was our year! But for some reason, our play calling kills us, stopped offensive drives due to penalties kill us, the lack of our defensive backs to cover, guard and tackle kills us,  and so on…  Who Dey and fingers crossed that we have a competitive team next season!

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Just taking a look at some teams out there with QB questions:

Jags (Bortles sucks)
Vikings (no 1st round pick)

Minus the Vikings (no pick) each team is picking in the top 10.
I think it would be hard to pass up a top 10 2nd round pick.
#10 in the second round (42 overall) in the 2017 draft (and possibly another pick) or 3rd round comp (97 overall earliest) in 2018.
Hard to see the team turning down when looking at the difference, assuming one of those teams make an offer.

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3 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

It would depend on where in the 2nd round. 
But I think they would be silly not to move on this.
Better to have a 2nd and 4th this year than nothing higher than a bottom of the 3rd comp (if that) in the 2018 draft.

Wouldn't it actually be a 2019 comp pick? Regardless, I'll take 2017 2nd and 4th round picks over one year of clipboard holding and a 2019 3rd rounder.

He's going to get a shot as a starter but it won't be here.

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I saw where Schefter from ESPN made the comment in thinking the starting price for Garoppolo is a 1st and 4th.
He said. "I will promise you that they are getting minimum of a first-round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo. Promise you.”

While Polo was drafted in the 2nd round and McCarron was drafted in the 5th, their stats are comparable.
Polo has started 10 more games but has attempted and completed less passes than AJ.
Their completion percentage is nearly identical (Polo-67% / AJ- 66.4%) and AJ has thrown one more TD than Polo.

For some reason the rest of the post dropped off.
My point was that maybe I was a bit off in what the Bengals should expect.
Not that I wouldn't be happy with a 2nd and 4th, but just comparing.

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Sports predictions are funny.   One thing I think that gets overlooked are contracts that get handed out to UFA marginal/bad QBs with upside.      Brock O being the most recent.   He got 72 mil with I think 37 guaranteed to him and it basically accounts for about 20 mil on their cap the next year regardless if they keep or cut him.

When you consider that market.   A first rounder (which is a non-cash and non-cap affecting asset) becomes more of a reality than people think especially Bengal fans that follow a team that is hugely reliant on draft picks.

A trade for AJ will bring him a new contract but the owner of the team will not be forced to swallow a FA market deal.  That could easily save that owner from risking 20 mil and save his GM cap headaches in case they make the wrong move.   

I wouldn't be surprised with a first rounder.   Teams overpay for QBs all the time and a 1st round pick is a non-cash/non-cap affecting asset that reduces risk.  

Guys like AJ and Polo have track records on film and in a lockeroom.  When team's are willing to trade up for knuckle heads like Johnny Football a first rounder becomes a reasonable price in a comparable sense.


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Whatever Marv.   I don't believe him for a second. 

They didn't ear mark an active roster spot all season for a 3rd QB for nothing.    Sometime last season through all the different QB drama with other teams the market for AJ materialized. 

I don't know what Marvin's motivation for shooting down the report is other to capitalize on being an asshole to the media which he loves to do. 



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