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Ravens @ Bengals It's Almost Over Thread


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Hope the AJ thing doesn't play out poorly in the offseason.
Stuff like that seems to snowball around here.

I hope they lose to the Ravens.  That's right, I said it, LOSE.
Who cares ??  Where's the plus in it outside of screwing themselves further ??

Thank God this is almost over.
But hey, 2017 isn't far off.
Oh wait...... Ugh......

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What's the point really ??  Why start ANY of these guys that have any ailment ??
Neither us nor Baltimore have anything to gain from this game.
It needs to resemble a preseason game where the starters play a series, if that.
Maybe if we could knock Baltimore out it would matter more, but that's not the case either.

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Dawson not being active for the majority of the season was a disgrace.
What the hell did the coaches see out of our LB's to justify not getting him snaps ??
I think our LB's suck balls for the most part and hope to see the position hit in the early rounds of the draft.
Rebuild the front 7 and improve the pass rush.  Sure fire way to also help the DB's.

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Just when I think the bengals couldn't be more stupid, they go and pull shit like this!!

This team needs a change, in the worst way, and to know we are getting more of the same shit next year really makes me not even care to watch them. 

We deserve so much better on and off the field, people pay huge money to see games, to buy jerseys, and every year it's the same shit, enough is enough!

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