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Le'Veon Bell facing 4 games suspension!


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Not sure where you guys post non-Bengal but Bengal important news.

This had been a rumor on Steelers board for about a month and nothing ever came of it until today.   This was announced on NFL.com.

In the end, I think it's blow to them like Bengals missing Burfict but both guys are critical pieces to the teams it may not be a bad thing for them to miss wear and tear early in the season. 

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2 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

lol. I'm sure this is Burfict's fault somehow.

It is Burfict's fault!  Bell had to medicate himself to deal with the injury and the stress of knowing everyone is going to try to tackle the ball carrier in the game of football.


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20 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

I can't even bring myself to care.  How stupid do you have to be to continue testing positive for weed in the NFL ??
F him and the Steelers.  F'em.

Ditto.  If nothing else happens this year, I hope we will see these two games with these thugs, where the Bengals don't respond to any 'button pushing' that the Steelers do. I've always revered in walking off the field soundly beating the other team leaving no excuses (no bad calls or irresponsible penalties) for their loss other than we just got out played.

 If they lose, make them beat them between the lines within the rules.  

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Don't worry though I'm sure Bell will be playing on week one, he sure thinks he is. He'll according to the media it's not his fault at all, many excuses on why he missed his test.

He just moved so maybe he didn't know where to go get tested! What a joke 

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