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5th Round: Chris Westerman OG, Arizona State


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Westerman was a top national recruit who attended Auburn for his first two years, losing most of his redshirt freshman season due to injury before deciding to return to his home state of Arizona to finish his career. He excelled last fall in his first season as a starter for the Sun Devils, earning honorable mention All-Pac-12 notice for his stout play and mobility at left guard. Westerman's play his senior campaign did not disappoint, as his attitude, stoutness, mobility, and solid technique made him a second-team all-conference performer.



 Outstanding athleticism and movement skills. Is quick off the snap and able to beat defenders to the spot. Can get to difficult cross­-face blocks using timing, technique and footwork. At his best when on the move. When pulling or climbing to second level, has a terrific connect rate against moving targets in space. True technician. Plays with desired balance and base and his feet rarely stop chopping and working after contact. Approaches target with bend and rolls hips up under him after contact. Has massive bear paws for hands and is a weight ­room freak daddy. Has hand placement and upper body strength to lockout pass rushers if he gets extension first. Father was a three-year starter at guard for Arizona State. Should test off the charts at the combine.


 While he moves stacks of weights with ease, his play strength doesn't always match that when matched up against interior power players. Short yardage push will not be an NFL strength. May need more mass on his frame to handle NFL defensive tackles. When asked to base block, becomes more of a stalemate blocker than block­-winner. Could use a more authoritative punch in pass protection. I question whether he can effectively re­direct interior pass rushers once they get into the edge on him.


 Rounds 2 or 3


 Alex Mack


 Quick-­twitch, athletic guard who comes from a football family and has been working on his strength and athleticism from a young age. Offensive line coaches will appreciate Westerman's technical savvy and zone scheme teams will covet his fluidity and blocking ability on the move. A move to center is not out of the question thanks to his body type and quickness and his draft stock may be helped by a potential ability to offer roster depth at several offensive line positions.


-Lance Zierlein
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STRENGTHS: Westerman is well known for his weight-room strength, reportedly bench pressing 225 pounds 41 times in one sitting before his senior season. Reliable. Competitive, passionate player who started 25 of the past 26 games for the Sun Devils over the past two seasons. 


Westerman sports a relatively compact frame with his weight evenly distributed over his frame. He is an active, competitive blocker with the quick, light feet to shuffle laterally in pass protection, as well as the natural knee bend, core strength and balance to anchor. 


Westerman has a terrific initial punch out of his stance to quickly get to work, extending and using his length to lock out and control the chest of defenders. He possesses the upper-body strength to turn defenders from run lanes with quick hands to react to counter moves by interior rushers. He plays with awareness and tenacity, keeping his head on a swivel to react to surprise blitzes. 


WEAKNESSES: Too often gets caught up in the trash when blocking on the move, lacking the preferred quickness and agility to consistently reach and secure the second level. Doesn't possess ideal length for guard and could struggle with the swim moves from the longer-armed defensive tackles of the NFL. Size limitations may ultimately force him to be moved inside to center, a position he never played at the collegiate level. 


COMPARES TO: J.D. Walton, San Diego Chargers: Walton began his career at Arizona State before transferring to Baylor, with Westerman initially signing (and playing two games) at Auburn before moving back "home" to ASU. Westerman is stronger than Walton but possesses a similar combination of short-area quickness, balance and tenacity, which could make him a future starter in the NFL. 


IN OUR VIEW: Westerman isn't the most imposing offensive lineman in the 2016 NFL draft, but his power, agility and tenacity will certainly earn him plenty of fans among coaches. His lack of ideal size could ultimately push him inside to center. 


--Rob Rang (2/5/16)

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On one hand Bengals fans love a good witch hunt involving a Center.    So Paul isn't completely off base because fans for decades have trashed centers even when they are playing very good.  Mostly Brahm and Cook. 

On the other hand,  Guy-check sucked and they stuck with him too long although that was a result of Cook getting hurt in pre-game and lost for the year.   Bodine is heading down the path of Guy-check and not Brahm or Cook. 

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Just from reading here and a couple other major sites, I think this is a move to replace Bodine this year or next.  Bodine would ha e to be defeated in camp and the preseason but with Boling and now the new pick having C experience, it's possible.  Remember that Whit is still an All-Pro LG playing LT...  If he moved......... Then why not push Boling over and let 4th round contract money Bodine be a backup or extra-lineman

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