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Seahawks @ Bengals Pregame Chatter


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Hags have a great secondary and running game. We need Hill and Gio to play like champs, grind clock and get points and keep the Hags off the field. D gonna have to step up. Tough, tough matchup.

I agree but seems like the bengals turned more into a pass first team. Yea I agree control the clock run the ball, will see if they do that

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I've gotten over most of my irritation with Chad, but would still rather him not be anywhere near the team at this point in time.

Seattle doesn't put the fear of God into anyone at this point, but I'm not about to get to cocky either.

I plan on Lynch being ready for us even if he doesn't go tonight. Him and Wilson running the ball is a concern for sure.

Their secondary is obviously tough, but we have so many weapons. Just don't force the issue and they should be fine.

Take a page from the Packers and kill them with the short passes. I think we can do just that and win this game.

They are 1-2 with a win against the stinking Bears. Not afraid.

The Bengals win this game, but it will be close. Maybe by a TD or less.

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