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Some Really Good News for Once


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Nate Livings to visit Dallas.


Go get 'em Jerry! You da man!

The one Free Agent I would LOVE to see LEAVE.

The deal was almost inked, but Jerry figured something was up when Mike Brown offered to chip in on the signing bonus.

Paul Alexander needs come out and say he's the best Guard in football to help Sway Jerry.

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OMFG moment you have to be s**tting me!!!!!!

@AdamSchefter: Dallas reached agreement with former Bengals G Nate Livings on a 5-year, $19 million contract that includes $6.2 million guaranteed.

The best news in ages lessens the pain of all the visitees leaving without a contract.

Jerry u da man

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This is G R E A T news

Even better - that kind of money for Livings helps ensure we get a compensatory draft pick or two next year

Whether we do or not of course depends on the 'net' of our losses and gains, which wont be known til the FA period ends, but it is salary based, so this one helps a LOT on the side of the 'net losses'

I would be shocked at this point if we did not end up with at LEAST a 4, with a small possibility of a 3

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Hopefully them paying Livings that type of money means they don't feel the need to take DeCastro in front of us.

Who said Livings wasn't worth a sh*t ??

Apparently, he was worth us drafting the best Guard in the 2012 draft !!!

Thank you Dallas, your generousity it GREATLY appreciated !!!

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This forces the Bengals' to get someone legit - especially after losing McGlynn as well - whether they actually get an "upgrade" remains to be seen, but, it looks like they will be targeting G's on day one again finally, I hope.

Dallas got a guy who looks great in pads but is horribly inconsistent.

What will be telling is if he turns into a good lineman down there, which once again will say a lot about Alexander's inability to develop people and design blocking schemes well.

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Dallas Cowboys' Personnel Director: "Jerra, you shocked the NFL with your bizniss acumen again. Any more players you want me to pursue?"

Jerra: "There's a total sleeper tight end out there. I envision him as the next Dallas Clark. That's right personnel guy who's name COB is too lazy to look up, I don't care what it costs, you go get me future NFL superstar Chase Coffman. How 'bout them cowboys!"

Dallas Cowboys' Personnel Director: "Who?"

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Originally Posted by CaptainMorgan

Say hello to Fletcher Cox, Igram or Upshaw looks like

Im fine with this . Kid is really good and is a postion of need.


I hope this guy is being sarcastic otherwise Im lmfao

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