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Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

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1st -Taylor didn’t resign Hart.  
2nd - Hart is proving that was the correct move. That was pure Tobin. 

Don’t get me wrong Hart is bottom tier but there wasn’t a sure fire RT available AND it would have left them only dis gruntled Glenn going into the draft. 

Then they drafted Williams and failed in an attempt to trade up and draft Cody Ford.  Drafted Micheal Jordan later.  



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3rd - Fans were adamant about staying put for Burrow.  Then are you giving up Tee Higgins for Ezra Cleveland or Josh Jones, two guys that don’t play much this year? 

There simply wasn’t a 1 offseason fix when the decided to dump cap dollars into the defense. 

Taylor may be a bad coach, but he really doesn’t have crap to work with along the o-line and that fate was sealed long before he was a HC.  


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