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Week 10- Saints Talk


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Who Dat vs WHO DEY! 

Doesn’t look good, IMO.   Saints looks like a beast.  AJ not looking good.   Saints stopped Gurly pretty good yesterday.  Kamara will destroy them like Hunt, I think.

I think Saints could put up 45.     Going to need a heroic effort and catch them off guard and take advantage of home field and maybe sleep walking after Rams. 

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N.O vs a lot of our 2nd stringers.

An arse pounding of biblical proportions with the Bengals feeling like the choir boy getting passed around the Catholic priests.

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1 hour ago, volcom69 said:

Maybe so, but are the rest of the bengals receivers any good? Guess will find out come Sunday if they can get open. 

I would rather find that out vs Dez.  

Now they should have made a play for the better WRs that were available via trade over  Dez too. 

Dez is just kinda weird that teams have kept away from him and even his former team that needs WR badly. 

He was bad the last two years. 

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8 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

How much AJ Green is done for the season?

EXACTLY what I was thinking when I read the report

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4 hours ago, cincyhokie said:

The Bengals wear their orange jerseys Sunday.  With black pants.

They are 6-0 in that combo.  They are 22-6-1 in their orange jerseys.

In their last 9 games being the home underdog, the Bengals are 7-2 straight up.  Both those losses to Pittsburgh.

Saints 38 Bengals 14

I hope they can at least make a game of it, but I just don't see it.  

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