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The Official, "What are you listening to right now?"


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I have always been a massive fan of Alice in Chains and was lucky enough to be in Ft. Lewis Washington for a period of time during the 90's.
I got to see them and many of the "Grunge" bands back when that was really hitting it's peak.  I consider myself fortunate being in the middle of that music.

Layne Staley's voice was always amazing, but in the middle of his heroin addiction he was with another band on the side: Mad Season
The album has come back into my rotation recently and there is one song that I listen to a lot.  "Wake Up"

While I do not struggle with heroin, which the song is about, the lyrics have a different interpretation for me and it's really helped me.
"For little peace from God you plead and beg"  Man, that line kills...

This is amazing live performance regardless of what kind of music you enjoy.  Mike McCready's guitar work is incredible.
For your enjoyment.


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It's been a while since anyone has hit this up.
Have to tell you my musical tastes took a really weird turn recently.
While I have always been a rock fan, my extremes were always pretty limited.

For some reason or another the death core band Lorna Shore has been sounding amazing to me.
Totally out of the norm, but I'm loving it.


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Ok, I enjoy finding new music that appeals to me and I have a couple for different reasons.

To start, if you are open to a band that doesn't seem to follow one particular genre, ranging from some heavy riffs, to jazz, to an almost etheral feel, check out Sleep Token.  Sometimes they infuse everything all in one song.  It can sound odd at first, but listen through it.  This is "The Summoning", but they have many songs I really like.


Then this next one is just an interesting song in general, but not something I would listen to often.  I also haven't checked out any of his other work.  This is Ren with "Hi Ren".  For anyone who has suffered with illness, depression or anything of that nature, the depiction and performance, not to mention the lyrics should really relate.  The dueling personalities within his head are all too familiar.  VERY DIFFERENT.



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Ok, I can't help myself with this one.
I think most people who dabble into various music genres have probably heard this and if you are rock fan there is no way you haven't heard "Last Resort" by Papa Roach.

This song is a rock classic whether you care for the band or not.  Despite the song being a rock banger, the lyrics are dark and suicide based.  Most people say they never really paid much attention to the lyrics because of the riffs and tempo of the song.  They were never lost on me and a huge part of why I love the song as much as I do.  Here's the original if you needed to be reminded.


Fast forward to 2023 and Falling In Reverse has remade the song.  However, it's a complete departure from the original version.  It's dark, sad, and matches the music to the lyrics.  To me, it's an absolutely beautiful and painfully brutal version.  I listened to it at least 3 times in a row, shaking my head trying to get how it made me feel.  It may not be for everyone, but I had to share it.  The video is crazy as well.


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