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Round 5 (149): Josh Newton, CB, TCU

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Really wish they would draft somebody who could really do some pass rushing. Trey is like the only guy on the team who could pass rush last season, and now he is not happy. It’s going to be a struggle if they can’t get to the QB. It’s a little to late now for somebody like that.

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Hopefully your right I like Murphy just wish he saw more action last season.

Seems like this years draft is the same way draft a bunch of guys who probably won’t start. At most I can see the WR playing a bunch, if he keeps his head up. The DT will be rotational guys, hopefully can contribute. If Brown sucks or gets hurt, that might give Mims a shot. I am hoping they bring him in for jumbo packages though, that might spring a run game.

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  • HoosierCat changed the title to Round 5 (149): Josh Newton, CB, TCU
4 hours ago, TJJackson said:

so a small, slow, old-ish (as rookies go) zone-oriented corner with a poor RAS

nice....just what we needed



Guess you figured out my last comment.

They had a chance to take a more polished CB earlier, went with a whatever TE and then follow it up with this CB. Rooting for him but have zero faith.

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