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Round 4 (115): Erick All, TE, Iowa

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How is CB, TJ Tampa still on the board. Never saw him drop out of round two anywhere. A few good TE’s, Cam Hart still there. Jaylen Wright. Can’t believe Troy Franklin still there, not that we need him.

Can we please manage a trade up today?

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At this point and moving forward, my view tends to be "sure, do whatever you want". I think it's pointless to draft for needs on Day 3 (maybe apart from special teams), so just give me the best players you can.

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Need another ORT here, as they took Ogbuehi "Training Room" Jr in round 1

However, it wouldnt be the worst case if they took an outside CB with return skills or a IOL here

Needs the rest of the way is 1 CB, 1 OC, 1 ORT, 1 P, 1 coverage LB, 1 TE

Hopefully the focus is on RAS and character, as all these day 3 guys will almost certainly be development/backup players......I agree with you Stripes, but one hopes a few of these guys can grow into Starters or key roleplayers....and a need at a backup spot is a need as well :-)

Overall this has imo been a really bad draft so far, so I hope Day 3 can redeem it somewhat

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  • HoosierCat changed the title to Round 4 (115): ?
  • HoosierCat changed the title to Round 4 (115): Eric All, TE, Iowa
  • HoosierCat changed the title to Round 4 (115): Erick All, TE, Iowa

well, he can keep Ogbuehi Jr company in the Training Room

Its interesting to me that he is from the Cincinnati area, specifically the same section of town that, uhm, Carman comes from (and no, I am not holding that against him, its just interesting)

Hopefully this wont keep them from picking up Wiley, but it probably will



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41 minutes ago, Stripes said:

Tight end from Iowa — hard to complain 

Then you aren’t trying hard enough. There were much better prospects they could have given little to go get and even Cade Stover, who I thought was a better tight end. They obviously like him, but if he’s anything more than the guy that helps churn the bottom of the roster for the next few years, I’d be surprised.

Easily my least favorite pick. C+

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