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Divisional Weekend Thread


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I think the division playoff games are the best the nfl has to offer.  To me it is the best football weekend.  Guys are playing like their lives depend on it.  

And this year’s games look to be great.  All 4 are good matchups.  We could end up with a dud or a blowout, but they appear incredibly competitive.  I seriously will not miss a minute.  The weather here sucks anyway.

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1 minute ago, Stripes said:

Go Texans.

Go Lions.

Go Bills.

Rare for me to have such clear rooting interests in three divisional games without the Bengals. I don't give a crap who wins the 49ers/Packers game.

100% agree with the above.

Go ahead and give me the Packers, just because I’m still mad about those two Super Bowls.

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Hard for me to understand these betting lines.  The Niners favored by 9.5 over the Packers?  Way too much.  The Ravens favored by 9.5 over the Texans?  Also way too much.  

9.5 points is a huge number for an nfl line.  Both those underdogs have QBs playing lights out.  

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I’m not a betting kind of guy, but know enough to think that 9.5 points is a lot for a divisional playoff game. Teams are usually fairly close in comparison for these matchups. It’s not like they are playing the Panthers or something.

I may lose, but I would take the points in both of those games if I were betting.

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