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Ken Riley in the Hall of Fame.


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Awesome.    Overall the Bengal organization is just overlooked.     This is such a back handed induction, IMO.   They left him off a deceased NFL player list.   Can you imagine a Steeler, Cowboy, Raider, Packer top 5 in Ints having to wait that long to get in?   I just wonder IF they wouldn't have gotten called out like they did for leaving him off the list AND Burrow wasn't successful as he's been AND no ring of honor would have this even happened?

The 1968-1990 Bengals shouldn't have 10 guys in the HOF, but should have at least more than 1.   Now they do.  A right number feels like 2-4 players from that era.  Ken Anderson for sure.   Then I'd say Issac Curtis.  Quite frankly there are a lot of Bengals players/media from that era that say Leapin Lamar was the better CB over Riley.

Hopefully Willie Anderson, Whitworth, and Atkins won't have to die first to get in. 

Congrats Rattler.   Even though I was young,  I still remember seeing you play.


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Yeah, Riley was a lock once he got the Senior's nod. Agreed that it's a crime it didn't come long ago. It's why I keep agitating for guys like Anderson and Curtis. They deserve their accolades before they shuffle off this mortal coil, not after.

I remain ambivalent about Willie. If he gets in, fine. Certainly there are less talented players already enshrined. But he isn't at the top of my list.

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Willie Anderson is in the Munoz atmosphere.   If he would have played in any other market and not apart of the 90 Bengals it would be considered a lock.    There just some incredible stats and quotes from HOF defenders about Willie.     He was as dominant on the Right side as Ogden was on the Left.




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