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Week 11: Bengals @ Steelers


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I still hate Steelers / Bengals games.  I will probably tune in for some of it, but I really hate when these two teams play each other.

I hate the Steelers, hate their fans, hate Tomlin's stupid face and all the talk that surrounds this game.

I would take great pleasure in never having to play them again.  Like ever...


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Yep. Win this game by whatever means necessary. Don't care, just do it.

From there you're 6-4 going into a tough game at Tennessee, but with plenty of confidence and plenty of defense (with Reader back). Maybe Chase returns and maybe not, but that team can be beaten if their offense is stalled. So the same 7-4 posture is right there for the taking.

We'll see tomorrow. 5-5 isn't good enough.

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