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1st Game in Paycor Stadium


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I will be at the game tonight and the above is the main reason for me going to preseason games.
I like watching the rookies get playing time.  Especially since some of the late round guys might not take many snaps during the season.

Not sure if Dax Hill will take many snaps tonight, as he's currently the starter, but I will be watching him for sure.
Really excited to see all the other guys gets snaps as well.

Along with them are some of the guys from last year as well.
Specifically Ossai and see how Shelvin looks headed into his 2nd year.
Wyatt Huber was an intriguing late round guy last year that got hurt early and missed the year.

Anyway, back down in the stadium watching football. 

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Seems like a nice night for feetsball.    Hopefully they come away with a win and injury free.      The play time for Carman is most interesting to me.    I think IF they are leaving him in after all other starters have clocked out,  then he's got work to do.    Same goes with any type of rotation with Volson (2nd most interesting thing to watch).   Hopefully Volson just mauls some people like Margus Hunt used to do.      But if Carman goes in and out with the other starters,  I would take that as he's got the job.


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Don’t know if anyone saw or heard the interview with McPherson this past week, but he said it would be cool if, like the MLB, he could have a walk up song.  The interviewer asked him what his song would be. He said Eminem’s “Without Me”.

When he comes on for the FG, they played that for him. Pretty funny !!

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