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Round 4 (136): Cordell Volson, OT, ND State


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Cordell Volson demonstrates some athleticism while in his pass set and typically plays with good body control. In the running game, he is a nasty, mean finisher. He plays hard from snap to whistle and seemingly wants to end the rep with a knockdown. At this stage, his run blocking is ahead of his pass set. In the passing game, he plays with good latch strength in his hands. He doesn’t have great lateral movement, which will keep him as a right tackle only, but he could develop into an NFL starter with pro coaching. 

Ideal Role: Your third tackle with the upside to develop into a starter. 

Scheme Fit: Zone blocking scheme.


Written by Drae Harris

Games watched: Youngstown, UNI, SDSU

Best Game Studied: Central Arkansas (2020)

Balance: He has been on the ground in some of the 2019 exposures. As a result, his balance overall is just average. He also bends at the waist some, which gives him some forward lean. 

Pass Set: His pass set is average overall. This is mostly due to having average lateral mobility. He is fluid in his pass set, but playing with a wider base could help this player. 

Competitive Toughness: He plays with the demeanor you’d want your linemen to have. He is a mean, nasty finisher who tried to end every rep with a knockdown. He also shows his physical toughness as a run blocker. 

Lateral Mobility: His lateral mobility won't be his best attribute. He will not impress you with his movement skills. However, his toughness and competitiveness help him compete when rushers are the better athlete. 

Length: His length is good. He is a 6070 (estimated) player with good arm length. He uses his length as a pass blocker on the edge.

Football IQ: He plays with good football IQ. He easily identifies stunts and twists. He can see the games developing and anticipate when to come off when he’s blocking in tandem. 

Hands: I have no reservations about his hands. However, he has drawn some holding penalties due to over aggression. He also demonstrates good latch strength in his hands

Anchor: He plays with high pad level and is not a great knee-bender. However, I really have no reservations about his ability to anchor at the college level. This could be an issue in the NFL, though. 

Power at P.O.A.: He has good power at the point of attack. He comes off the ball hard and gets vertical movement in the run game. He also does a good job stopping the bull rush with his toughness and anchor.

Versatility: Showcased an ability at the 2022 Shrine Bowl to play effectively four spots along the line. That versatility will certainly aid his stock and help him find the field. 


TDN Consensus: 73.33/100 (Fourth Round Value


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Eric Galko
 · Apr 23
.@NDSUfootball's Cordell Volson (#67) is a favorite among many teams as a potential starter they can grab late in Day 2 (or maybe, but unlikely, early in Day 3).

Played right tackle in college but showed versatility at #ShrineBowl. May be a plug-and-play RG as a rookie #NFLDraft

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136. Bengals: Cordell Volson, OT, North Dakota State

Grade: B-

Average athlete with NFL-caliber length and hand work to get back as a technician. Opens the gate a tick early too often. Leans into his blocks too often which makes him susceptible to counters. Assignment sound in the run game

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STRENGTHS: Displays adequate mass and length for NFL work ... quick off the snap to cross-face and cut off wide defenders ... highly aggressive in the run game,
running his feet at contact and driving through down blocks ... generates force at contact with his hands and works hard to stay connected ... efficient on pulls (both
short and long) and looks comfortable working up a level ... adequate anchor in pass protection ... processes quickly to make sudden adjustments ... very smart and
his coaches say he can take concepts from the board to the field ... enrolled at 250 pounds and worked hard to develop his frame ... played in a school-record 65
games, including 41 consecutive starts the last three seasons ... functional experience at both tackle spots and inside at guard.

WEAKNESSES: Taller blocker and leverage is a constant battle for him ... unexceptional athleticism with plodding feet ... undisciplined technician and needs to be
quicker replacing his hands ... struggles vs. wide speed and also late to recover vs. inside counters ... eager punch as a pass blocker, but his timing is sporadic, leaving
him off-balanced ... can be tossed when his pad level rises and base narrows ... efficient on the move, but needs to use better body control at the NFL level ...
penalized 18 times over the last three years ... of his 65 career games played, none came vs. FBS competition.

SUMMARY: A three-year starter at North Dakota State, Volson was the starter in offensive coordinator Tyler Roehl’s run-heavy scheme. A three-time All-American,
he started all 41 games the last three seasons for the Bison where he lined up primarily at right tackle but often moved inside during games where he saw extensive
action at guard. Volson is at his best as a run blocker thanks to his strike power and ability to hit his landmarks and out-angle defenders. In pass protection, he works
hard to sustain and anchor, but opens prematurely and finds himself too upright and off-balanced. Overall, Volson is a nondescript athlete, and his technique often
breaks down vs. inside/outside speed, but he is smart, tough and finds ways to lose slowly once engaged. A permanent move to guard will help his chances of
landing on an NFL roster.




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the first three picks were not wasted. But whenever you start screaming for a lineman we get...this.


I just don't understand their aversion to picking an actual G to play...G. I am so tired of making guys switch to that position. 

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3 minutes ago, membengal said:

I just don't understand their aversion to picking an actual G to play...G. I am so tired of making guys switch to that position. 

Some guy named membengal just posted this a few minutes ago:

A three-time All-American,
he started all 41 games the last three seasons for the Bison where he lined up primarily at right tackle but often moved inside during games where he saw extensive
action at guard. 

that membengal guy is pretty smart, you ought to listen to him.

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Andrew Russell
 · 50m
I’m a fan of Cordell Volson. 89.3 PFF grade last season with 0 sacks allowed and fits any scheme.

Decent enough athleticism to play tackle or guard imo with great hands in pass pro. Nothing flashy that gets you hyped, just a solid player.

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 on Volson: “I think he is a plug and play NFL starter. I had multiple teams tell me last year they thought Volson was a better prospect then Dillon Radunz coming out”

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