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Jackson Carman rape accusation


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It’s making the rounds on Twitter and is at minimum concerning. This accusation occurred a year before Carman was drafted, and the alleged incident was a couple years before that. It’s unclear what the Bengals knew, but some teams had him off their boards for it.

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Innocent until proven guilty and after reading through that whole article, I walked away thinking there isn't enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.
That doesn't mean he didn't rape that 15 year old, but just the feel I got after reading through.

Thought it was amusing other NFL execs still bashing the Bengals for their lack of scouts and saying:
“The [Bengals] are cheap for sure, they are cheap as fuck.”

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The rote "Bengals are cheap" stuff in the piece isn't inaccurate, but I question why it matters in this case. The story makes it clear that few teams, even those that spend lots and lots of money on scouting, caught wind of this story until very late in the process, and only a handful were actually able to get their hands on the police reports. Being cheap or taking chance on problem players doesn't look like this issue here. The issue is that Carmen, Clemson and local cops all conspired to bury this as deeply as possible, which IMHO is the strongest evidence that it's all true.

As to whether the Bengals knew when they drafted him, well, since he made a statement about in to everyone at his Pro Day, I'm figuring yes. But I doubt they knew all the details and I wonder now if part of why he appeared to go straight into the doghouse upon his arrival in camp was that they did get the details in between the draft and the start of camp.

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15 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:wonder now if part of why he appeared to go straight into the doghouse upon his arrival in camp was that they did get the details in between the draft and the start of camp.

Seems like that could be a factor for sure.  Like they drafted him with vague knowledge, then he shows up after they’ve read the documentation.

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Basically, she waited too long to report it or tell anyone.  That’s a tough hurdle to overcome, though his texts, actions, etc, fit with her story.  What they don’t have is an admission from him. 

Once she waited so long to report it, the evidence is reduced to her word against his.  And with the standard of proof being beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s a very difficult case to contemplate prosecuting.  

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Im not sure what to think of Carman

something happened between the two - he has stated it was "consensual' albeit given the age difference I am not sure that has legal bearing

age of consent is 16 in SC.  should be 18 imo, but whatever, the law says 16. so "consensual" or not, it is and was rape 

If he raped her, he raped her.......whether the statue of limitations has expired or not (and I dont know if it has, honestly), and whether or not he was convicted of dame in a court of law

what he should do is admit to wrongdoing (including evasion/coverup), apologize profusely, and give the girl a big chunk of money. 

and that'd just be for starters.

admit/take responsibilty, do penance above and beyond, donate bulk of his money to rape-related charities, self imposed community service etc etc. 

What is done is done and cant be undone, but there can be (and should be) acknowledgement , contrition, and penance.....regardless of whwther this ever goes to court of any kind

If he doesnt do these things, he is indeed a unredeemable dirtbag, and I too want him off the team

If he does do the right thing, we'll see

so for now, he is a dirtbag and he should not be on this team

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20 minutes ago, ArmyBengal said:

She was 15 and he admitted to having sex with her.
As stated, age of consent is 16.
He raped that girl any way around.
It’s not arguable.

Confirmed dirtbag status.

I guess I didnt say it very well, but yes, exactly

Really all I am adding that he can do the right thing and public admit/acknowledge/apologize and then start taking actions to show contrition.  Actions involving money and time that DO NOT bring forgiveness, or absolve guilt, but can show that Carman is truly sorry for his actions and wants to do some good. 

A dirtbag can work to redeem himself.  He has that chance. 

His silence on the matter plus the evident coverup, however, speaks volumes at the moment

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