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A Football Life


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So guess who will open the season with their own episode in September ?? That’s right, none other than Carson Palmer.

If nothing else it should be interesting to hear what he had to say about everything. Color me intrigued because that could be interesting from a fan perspective.

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12 hours ago, skyline said:

Of all the people they could go with, they choose Palmer?

Seems like an odd choice.

Odd choice indeed. 


Should be fascinating, but it won't be.  Mike probably wet his pants the first time he watched Palmer at USC.  Lantern-jawed gunslinger!!  Must draft!!  Rocket arm, movie star good looks.  Palmer pretty much was teh whole package.  So it is remarkable to me that he was one of the dullest people I ever watched come through Cincy.  Not sure what it was about him.  He was probably just a bit of a quiet guy, not demonstrative or extroverted.  Regardless, he was boring as hell, and his Football Life episode will take some enhancing, or it will be the same.  


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19 hours ago, redsbengalsbucks said:

It doesnt matter how i feel about the Brown family.  You are a little bitch if you "take your ball and go home"


Palmer is a little bitch and always will be.

Agree about the little bitch part, but the bitch is he has a playoff win. Something Marvin can't say as head coach.

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Palmer is certainly a polarizing figure for Bengals fans.
On one hand, Palmer forced his way out by threatening retirement.
On the other, he claimed he could no longer play for this organization.

I see and agree with both sides of the argument.  He's a bitch for handling it the way he did, but the organization is nothing other teams are emulating.
I want to hear his side of it though, as he said he would do once the opportunity presented itself.

Carson was always one of my favorite players from the day he was drafted.  Was he laid back ??  Sure, but man I enjoyed watching him throw the ball.
He was part of what brought the Bengals out of the decade of misery and I always thought he would be the reason we made it back to the Super Bowl.
I have a helmet that he signed for me and was presented as a retirement gift from the military.  It's in an amazing display case and really cool.

Again, I'm simply intrigued to watch just to see if he speaks about his departure from Cincinnati at all.
If he doesn't speak about that, I'm at a little of a loss about what the show will be about.
It's not like he has some super sad back story about overcoming adversity.

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I'll never fault a player for demanding a trade from the Bengals' if they are a franchise type, if it's because they want to win and don't feel the owner is making enough of an effort.

Corey Dillon threw a hissy fit and left the same way (worse team or not), and Takeo Spikes basically did the same thing, didn't care for Marvin, neither did Carson seem to.

 I don't think any of them regret their decisions. 



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I watched it.  They squeezed as much drama as they could out of Carson Palmer, but it wasn't an uninteresting episode.  The 2010-11 nonsense, at least as portrayed by Palmer, is pretty much exactly what we already figured it to be.  He didn't think Mike was doing enough to modernize the franchise and compete (he really wanted a GM, among other things), and Mike didn't agree.  I'd really like to hear Mike's side of that discussion though, because it's unclear what exactly was the nature of that disagreement.  I can't imagine it was just:

Carson:  "We need to modernize this franchise and maximize our chances of winning games and making deep playoff runs."

Mike:  "...Nah."

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I will readily admit how much I loved Palmer. He quickly became my favorite player at the time and watching this episode, if nothing else, reminded me of that. Watching him throw to Chad, TJ, and Henry ?? Just a good, fun time to be a Bengals fan.

I will also admit that I hated the way he left, but I get it. While there is certainly Mike’s side of the story, Carson wanted to win and I have little to hang my hat on that Mike Brown was on the same sheet of music that Carson was.

I didn’t know how much he wanted Kitna to stick around or I simply don’t remember, but that was interesting.  I did not know he was so tight with Henry either. I wish Marvin would have answered the question about why T.O didn’t work out as well. You just knew there was an intriguing story based on his reaction to the question.  They also alluded to how much all the talk about his character really bothered his wife. 

I really wish it would have worked out differently here, but it is what it is. While not an over the top exciting episode, I thought it was a decent episode and most Bengals fans would enjoy something from it.

If you missed it, search it on YouTube and there is a 25 minute, commercial free showing. 

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