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Lions @ Bengals game thread.


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12 hours ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

My call is Detroit over Cincy by a minimum of 4 points.

From what I saw last week the team has packed it in.

It does appear that way. 

I'll say Lions by 13. They are ascendant, while these other cats are going the other way. 

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Hey Glasgow, what did you think of Celtic's winning streak ending? Scottish football being more interesting than this Bengals game


Had to happen some time and it’s a bit of a monkey off the team’s back, to be honest.

i actually blame myself, as the first away game I’d gone to in 2 years was the first game they lost. :grin:

Normal Service has been resumed this week 

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Bengals' leading 13-10 after Uzomah catches TD, set-up by a big play by Hill on a Dalton dump-off, and a nice catch by Boyd on the sideline.

I assume Burfict's out...again.  Which should mean more Lions' points, a team that's also banged-up and operating at a non-playoff caliber level.

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This is just a micro dead cat bounce. No as dramatic as in previous editions but still just as ridiculous. 


I share the following, so as to underscore to the Brown family what losing looks like. This is the tailgate lot at PBS. That says everything. 



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