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Browns @ Bengals Game Thread


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Cincy won't lose to Cleveland at home, giving Marvin more footing to keep his job. Dammit.

Now a quick comment on the Thanksgiving Day game. Mike Zimmer has the Vikings looking VERY strong! I think they'll roll to 9-2!

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8 minutes ago, COB said:

Mike's an idiot for letting Zimmer get away.  All to let Marvin try for just an extra year or two to win a playoff game and fix that hole in his record.

Maybe he did try, I doubt Zimmer is classless at all to accept the job and cause Marvin Lewis get fired.

I bet you if Mike did that to Lewis then Zimmer wont want to work for that scumbag.

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Yea Marvin is good.  When AJ had Marvin Jones and Sanu as his running mates, things were different around here.  

Receiving corps is down, And the O-line is down.  It would not shock me to see the Browns give us a competitive game this Sunday.  If Andy's on his game, they won't be in it long.  If Bad Andy shows up, anything could happen.

What a year it's turning out to be.  

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