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"Anonymous" Executives Trash Browns Investment in O-line/Zeitler

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First thing I thought was that it sounds an awful lot like someone with the Bengals', before they even mentioned it.  I just wonder who.

"Our fans are going apes--- that we haven't signed a bunch of offensive linemen. Our head coach believes we can just scheme around it."

"Zeitler won't have to do s--- for the Browns on a third of their plays because he's a guard and he'll be on air, and they paid him $12 million a year. It is like paying a defensive tackle. You don't do it. How many points did Zeitler have [in 2016]?"

How exactly do you "scheme around" 4 bad lineman? Lol.  I suspect every other running play goes Boling's way and of course teams aren't going to pick up on that! I also expect to see lots of h-back tackles telegraphing running plays for 2 yards a-pop.

Any ways, the d-tackle comment was odd - but maybe also make sense because they don't typically re-sign more than one DT either that costs a bunch (thus why an average guy like Peko hung around here forever I suppose).








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I won't even open the thread to read the "article". the situation is what it is, Zeitler has moved on, so have we  - blah blah blah - let's play with what we've got. even if we ain't happy about it

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I guess I don't pay much attention to the Browns.  They hired Gregg Williams who is a savage and basically doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks of his cheap maiming tactics.  Now we are going to have two versions of the Steelers defense to deal with every year.  

Marvin and Zampese couldn't scheme around a fucking Walmart greeter.  One is a defensive coach and the other is a position coach in way over his head.  It's going to be a long year.  

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4 hours ago, COB said:

It's going to be a long year.  

This should be the teams motto for this season

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