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The Andy Benoit MMQB Article on impact of Ross and Mixon on O


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Worth a read for sure. 

A taste:



Mixon will be partnered with Giovani Bernard, who was drafted 37th overall in 2013. In them, the Bengals have two backs who can line up anywhere. On the field together, they’d present serious complications for a defense. But having one of them on the field can be enough, because it will allow for a wide variety of formations and play designs without changing personnel.

That multiplicity is very advantageous when your quarterback is as smart as Dalton in the presnap phase. When you reshuffle your formations, you force the defense to clarify its intentions. This is what makes the Ross selection even better. Though appearing to be a slot receiver, he was used diversely at Washington. His slight frame—5’11”, 188 pounds— means he might need the play design to give him clean access off the snap to avoid a corner’s press-jam. Think presnap motion, snaps in the slot or stack alignments. That’s easy to draw up. The Colts do it with T.Y. Hilton. Perhaps more aptly, the Cardinals do it with John Brown. Both are similar receivers who can run routes from anywhere. Ross, many believe, is even quicker than those two.



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My concern isn't that Zampese can't get the job done with a talented unit, it's that we'll waste 3-4 more years letting him prove that he can't get the job done.  

In any other town, he is on a short leash.  If shit goes south again this year, cut bait and get someone else in ASAP.

As I've mentioned before, I've met the guy in person and he did not impress me at all.  I did not like the hire and I felt that the Bengals just took the lazy and easy route in finding Hue's replacement.

I'd love to be proved wrong, though, because Mixon and Ross could be pieces that make this offense elite.  

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OK, so, our Oline sucked last season and we let our two best linemen go. They didn't address it in the draft so, there maynot be any holes for our RB's to run through and our QB won't have time to get the ball to Wide-outs! We never used Hill and Gio on the field at the same time and I don't see our coaching staff doing it with Gio and Mixon... Going to be an interesting season. In years past we've had Roster that were stacked and we didn't produce, so time will tell how we do this upcoming season. I hope it's great but not holding my breath.

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