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Here we go again...AFC North is all about Balt and Pitt


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Favorite: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Martavis Bryant suspension most certainly curbs my enthusiasm here, but there still should be enough firepower on offense to pile on the points. A healthy Le'Veon Bell -- with Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger -- will provide nightmares for the opposition once again. I thought the Ladarius Green signing was a quality, under-the-radar move.

Top challenger: Baltimore Ravens

Yeah, that's right: Baltimore's about to bounce back. I loved the Eric Weddle and Ben Watson signings. I loved the Joe Flacco contract extension/restructure. The return of injured starters will help. John Harbaugh is a great coach. I know Cincy is returning a very good team, but I'm taking a long look into the crystal ball here. Remember, Baltimore lost a lot of close games last year and suffered a ton of crucial injuries.


You have got to be kidding me.   The Bengals have spent more time in First place in the North.  2013 Champs.  2015 Champs.   An AJ Green fumble from a 2014 title.


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Shorter NFL pundit class on the division:

Pittsburgh Steelers: schlorp schlorp schlorp boy this dick tastes the best!

Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco is ELITE!

Cleveland Browns: THIS IS THE YEAR!

Cincinnati Bengals: Criminals and thugs lol no discipline lol Marvin Lewis can't win Andy Dalton is the prime meridian of QBs ha ha Mike Brown is cheap LAST PLACE FER SURE!

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What?  Again?  The Rodney Dangerfield of NFL teams.  

What makes anyone think the Ravens are going to suddenly turn it around?  They just flat out need better players.  Wait, I forgot Ozzie is a brilliant personnel guy and strategist, so their roster is great. Fuck it.

And Pittsburgh as the favorite?  Piling on the retarded so-called journalists that cover the NFL is almost too easy.  They get handed a playoff game against us and somehow no one in the media notices.  High school newspapers have better journalists covering the student council than we have covering the NFL.

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  Pitt still getting love as the favorite.   Who knows maybe they win this race of mediocrity for AFC North 2016.       However,   Dalton is the best North QB currently and Green is 1a for top WR if he's not the top by himself.

Baltimore D is the toughest.   Flacco just looks like a dying bird.       

Can the Bengals get on top in this race?   I would LOVE to be able to buy back to back division champ t-shirt and hat for the low low low NFL/NIKE price of 1 million dollars.


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The tough thing is that the Steelers still have both Cleveland games on the schedule.  The Bengals are going to have to win Monday Night IMO to set any kind of winning tone for the second half.  If they go into New York and predictably turn belly up on national TV, I'll have no faith.

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Probably the biggest thing that disgust me with this team under Lewis.   In 2012 they registered (at least I thought at the time) a BIG victory removing the Steelers from the playoffs and earning themselves a birth.    Then quickly returning on Monday Night the following season to deliver another beat down of them.

The Bengals themselves have had the team to stop the Steeler slobbering by the media directly.   Instead they often don't perform against them and have relied upon the Ravens to deliver blows to the Steelers quest for championships.


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Inevitable.  The media just can't get enough of good old fashioned Steeler football!  Better keep your head on a swivel when playing them!   What's this?  The Bengals knocked someone out?  Thugs!  What a disgrace!  

Collinsworth can go eat shit for all I care.  His homoerotic fascination with the Steelers is a grotesque slap in the face of the city and organization that helped make him.  Most media members remember where they came from.  Not Collinsworth.  He's a blatant homer for our biggest rival.  

Yep, it's prognostication season, so we have to listen to the media suck steeler cock for a couple months.  And our team will stick with the same ineffective personnel and formula to make sure the Roethlisberger Dynasty goes unchallenged.  Maybe our OC can figure out how to split 10 guys out to the hash marks, leave Andy all alone in the middle.  Solve that riddle, Steelers!!

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