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Bengals Draft Picks 2016

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OK, we're in the midst of the season with xmas just around the corner and a play-off game looming on the horizon. Probably not what most folk would consider the time to start talking about the draft, but hey-ho, it'll fill in some time between now and the end of the season :)

What will influence the draft will be the players/positions lost through free agency, and the Bengals have a lot of contracts expiring at the end of the season (ages in brackets)  :-

O-Line: Andre Smith (28), Eric Winston (32) TJ Johnson (25)

QB: Keith Wenning (24)

Wide Receivers: Mohamed Sanu (26), Marvin Jones (25), Brandon Tate (28)

D-Line: Brandon Thompson (26), Pat Sims (30), Wallace Gilberry (31)

Linebackers: Emmanuel Lamur (26), Vinny Rey (28)

Safety: George Iloka (25), Reggie Nelson (32)

Corner Backs: Leon Hall (30), Adam Jones (32), Troy Hill (24)


With Oogly Boogly and Jake Fisher being picked last year I can't see the O-line taking a high pick, if a pick at all. Re-sign Winston for rotation, re-sign Johnson for depth, let Moobs walk.

Maybe a late round pick on a QB if a decent enough option falls, and let him and Wenning battle it out for the PS place.

Re-sign either Jones or Sanu and then definitely take a WR in the early rounds. If Alford develops as a WR and returner then perhaps the unflushable Tate will eventually be sent down the pipe.

Thompson, Fat Pat, and Gilberry are all rotational guys and with Hardison and Clarke in the wings then perhaps re-sign one and draft a guy. Who stays could depend on the $$ being asked for.

LB - If an outstanding talent is there then perhaps they pull the trigger in the mid rounds.

Safety is a tricky one. Iloka could be tagged and Nelson let go if he doesn't re-sign for a low $ contract. Shawn Williams and Derron Smith could push for more playing time. If Nelson (and/or Iloka leave) then S jumps up a few rounds on the board.

CBs similar to safety. What contracts levels will Jones and Hall demand. Jones has had a great season and is versatile with returns but age is creeping up, Hall should play for nothing for the next two years. With Kirkpatrick and Dennard raring to go we could lose both Jones and Hall, re-sign Hill (who I know nothing about) and take a pick for depth.   

Other areas which may be considered but not affected by contract situations .... Kicker and a power running back 

So, in summary, and no particular order, the early picks could be Wide Receiver, D-Line, Linebacker, Defensive Back ...... and maybe just maybe a RB

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Don't throw anything at me, but CB could very well be a first round pick.
Look at those picks in the past along with Hall, Jones being up and older.  Jones should be brought back, but you can never have enough top flight CB's.

LB is another area I think is a huge need.  PJ Dawson got next to nothing in playing time, but that hasn't occurred.
Give me a LB that you can't keep off the field and an already solid defense gets much better moving forward.

WR's are certainly worth a top pick as well.  Mo or Marvin will be gone in my opinion.  Alford hasn't been able to do much and can't return punts at this time.
I simply think drafting another top end WR would solidify the corps for many years and form a nice combination with AJ and more than likely Jones.

I don't think Iloka is going anywhere.  New contract or tagged, but will be in stripes in 2016.  Nelson ??  Not as sure, but he's proven more than solid and deserving.
Williams (yes I'm not as mad recently) is solid depth and they have Smith as well.

I don't think they do much with the o-line, but would really like to see an upgrade at the Center position. 
For all the talk about how strong Bodine is, he sure does get pushed around a lot.

The D-line could always use another pick to add to the mix.  Can we call Hunt a bust now and move on ??
I liked the Hardiston pick and think he will a solid rotational guy in the future.

The question is always about who they decide to let go of in free agency.  Even though they rarely do it, a better than average (not top tier) free agent could make a solid impact for the Bengals as well at any of the positions listed above. 

Take a guess at this point ??  No names and in no order, but LB, WR, and CB seem like safe bets.
Never too soon to discuss the draft in my opinion.

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At "best" (quotes because that would mean they tanked in the WC game again) the Bengals will pick around 20, so scratch any blue chip guys off the list.

For the last five years they have alternated between offense and defense in the first every year. If they do that again it would be the defense's turn. Given that they used their first three picks on offense last year, I think a defender is highly likely. And again, given their recent first round history, that guy will be a corner or a backer. I'd bet corner. In fact I'd say it's practically a lock.

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No doubt either a guard or a center, probably 3rd round, maybe second.  

That is, if rational thought prevails.  Alexander has often chained his sorry ass to a line prospect, then refused to take the blinders off no matter what the evidence on the field shows.  We've all seen him do it, so I would not be shocked to see Zeitler and Bodine in there next year.  

I'd also like to see him start teaching the punch.  This bullshit wrestling move that he teaches, that no one else teaches - I've watched it extensively this year, and determined two things:

1.  It is great for picking up a blitzer.  Say you're the guard and they send a linebacker.  Dude has a head of steam.  The sort of re-direct wrestling thing Alexander teaches really works on a running blitzer.

2.  It isn't worth shit for just regular pass blocking on the guy lined up across from you.  There's no momentum for you to re-direct and use against the guy.  So you engage him with no punch, and nothing puts him on his heels, and you get pushed back into the pocket.  

Teach the punch, dumbass Alexander, and give our guys a fighting chance.  Quit trying to outsmart the league.  

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On 22/12/2015, 15:17:04, Scottishbengal said:


CBs ............with Kirkpatrick and Dennard raring to go we could lose both Jones and Hall, re-sign Hill (who I know nothing about) and take a pick for depth.   

Troy Hill now gone to New England so re-signing no longer an option. Perhaps Josh Shaw plays at CB and with Kirk, Dennard forms the nucleus going forward but we'd still need a team friendly contract from either Pacman or Hall plus a draft pick to keep the depth and quality 


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Yeah, Same size here. Was my one splurge after we sold the first house, cost me 2k. Guy at Best Buy warned me it would last about ten years. Takes 5 minutes at least to warm up enough for a picture and still flickers for half an hour before firming up. But it's still going.

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More on Will Fuller:



Fuller had a difficult decision on whether to leave Notre Dame early for the National Football League. Like many underclassmen before him, he initially believed he would return to campus, and then upon reflection, decided it was time to move on to the next level. It's hard to fault him after being named the Irish team MVP with 62 receptions for 1,258 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2015. Fuller wasn't a one-year wonder, however, as he had an outstanding sophomore campaign (76-1,094, 15 TD) and showed big-play promise (6-160, one score). He went to the same high school as Pro Football Hall of Fame candidate Marvin Harrison; Fullers lean build and ability to get deep on defenses will earn him comparisons based on their games as well as their upbringing.



 Big time, vertical daddy. Had just over 27 percent of his catches go for 25-plus yards this year. Uses short, controlled strides into his routes for maximum balance and suddenness underneath. Will change routes speed to rock corners to sleep before climbing past them. Works to establish early leverage points against man coverage. Has elite acceleration to create easy separation vertically. Cornerbacks fear his speed giving him ample cushion. Able to drive defenders into early turn and bail when charging into his route. Shake a go release can whip press coverage. Can challenge and defeat press with nine routes and posts. Can make sharp in­-breaking cuts. Above average ball tracking skills and has good feel for the sideline at all times. Talented with the ball in his hands and can change direction without gearing down.


 Undersized outside receiver with skinny legs who is unlikely to make a living in the middle of the field. Hands can be wretched at times (see Boston College game). Body catcher with focus issues and lack of hand strength. Logged nine drops in each of the last two seasons. Feast or famine target lacking frame and hands to be a volume receiver. Needs to improve route savvy for underneath and intermediate routes. Won't offer much at all as run blocker.


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13 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

Yeah, Same size here. Was my one splurge after we sold the first house, cost me 2k. Guy at Best Buy warned me it would last about ten years. Takes 5 minutes at least to warm up enough for a picture and still flickers for half an hour before firming up. But it's still going.

Best Buy is where I got mine as well. Is yours the store brand, Insignia?  That's what mine is and it's a great tv.  

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