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2015 Season Prediction Thread


2015 Season Predictions  

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  1. 1. Predict the Bengals record this season.

    • 5-11 or worse
    • 6-10
    • 7-9
    • 8-8
    • 9-7
    • 10-6
    • 11-5
    • 12-4
    • 13-3 or better
  2. 2. Who will be the offensive MVP?

    • Andy Dalton
    • AJ Green
    • Jeremy Hill
    • Gio Bernard
    • Marvin Jones
    • Mo Sanu
    • Tyler Eifert
  3. 3. Who will be the defensive MVP?

    • Carlos Dunlap
    • Michael Johnson
    • Geno Atkins
    • Leon Hall
    • Darqueze Dennard
    • Dre Kirkpatrick
    • George Iloka
    • Vontaze Burfict
    • Rey Maulauga

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Army asked for it, so here it is. Just for kicks'n' giggles, here's the predictions for the AFCN from espn's beat writers:

Bengals 10-6. With a timely bye, a veteran roster and some favorable late-season matchups, the Bengals can get 10 wins even after going 5-5 heading into Thanksgiving. Despite prime-time road games in Weeks 15 and 16 (the Bengals are 1-12 on the road at night since 2005), they still can go 5-1 to close out the regular season. -- Coley Harvey

Ravens 9-7. The combination of four trips out west (including two back-to-back), an opening stretch of five road games in the first seven weeks and a total of five games against teams with losing records make this the toughest schedule in coach John Harbaugh’s eight seasons. This isn’t a playoff team right now, but the Ravens do their best work at this time of the offseason. -- Jamison Hensley

Steelers 9-7. All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell will miss up to the first three games of the season for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy and All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown is unhappy with his contract with three years still left on it. What should concern the Steelers more is they have enough questions at outside linebacker and in their secondary to fill a show of "Jeopardy," not to mention a demanding schedule in which they open at New England and play five of their last six games against teams that made the playoffs in 2014. -- Scott Brown

Browns 4-12. The Browns might answer their quarterback question by opening day, but as of today it’s a black hole that needs filling. That, the lack of a potent offense in an era of offense and a difficult schedule means the Browns take steps back this season. -- Pat McManamon

10-6 actually sounds about right.

I'm going with Hill and Atkins at MVP.

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Nicely done Hoosier.

I was going to go with 10-6 when I initially looked over things last night, but i'm going to bump it by one to the good and roll with 11-5.

Why ?? I don't know exactly. They always do well in the regular season, are getting guys back, and have many in their contract years trying to show.

While i'm not about to start claiming they are Super Bowl bound, I still think this is a playoff team.

They showed that again last season when many were calling for 8-8 and some for a losing season in 2014.

If healthy, there's no reason to think they won't be there.

I went with Eifert as the Offensive MVP.

Why ?? Why not ?? He's going to be the #1 TE this year and will get all sorts of targets.

If he stays healthy for the season, he will be a difference maker.

You could easily argue another player there.

I went with Iloka as the Defensive MVP.

Why ?? He had a good season last year and knows he's due for his payday next year.

I'm banking on him being even better and pulling down a few more INT's.

You could easily argue another player there as well.

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I went 10-6

Reckon it will be 3-3 at the bye week then follow through the season 7-3

I went for AJ as MVP on the O, nearly went for Dalton as I think he could actually prove his worth this season, but Green is playing for a mega-contract so I think he's just edged it.

The D will be stronger against the run this year and hopefully if we can control the game with our running system and get into the lead then opponents will be forced to throw - I think Iloka will be there to pick and punish

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10-6. Probable AFCN champs. Another first round playoff loss.

This team is a perfect build to play ball control, good defense type of football.

However, the defense has no healthy playmakers. They have to draft strong on defense. If not, when they get behind the offense will struggle to score quickly.

Can the Bengals draft an immediate playmaker at DT, LB? If not, this defense is still way too flawed for them to advance past what we've seen the last 4 years.

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  • 5 months later...

I'm happy with my 10-6, with Gio and Burfict as MVP's.

Burfict is going to come back and make this D very good. Gio is just getting started, he has yet to have his breakout game this year. Hill will be a game finisher, Gio is going to be in the top 5 for total yardage in the NFL.

It may be that they can get past 10-6 and look for a bye in the play-offs. I'll take a home game in the play-offs and hope for more.

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12-4 would be sweet but damn that sked just kills me:

@ Buffalo - going on the road after a big OT win & Buffalo always seems to give Cincy fits.


@ Steelers - Bennifer should be back and Bell will run for 1,000,000 yards. Better hope Dalton is for real because the offense will need to score 10 TDs.

Browns (Thurs) - No matter how bad they are Cleveland is always tough and they aren't as bad this year as they've been some times before.

Texans (Mon) - OK, they ought to win this one.

@ Cardinals - This has "track meet" written all over it.

Rams - I cant figure out the Rams.

@ Browns - see above

Steelers - see above

@ 49er's - They aren't a good team this year but are way better in SF than on the road.

@ Broncos - I actually feel good about this one. Manning shouldn't have anything left by this point.

Ravens - not counting on a sweep even though Baltimore blows goats this season.

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Wow, Hoosier...that's the most glass half empty view of a schedule I've ever seen.

Screw the track meet in Arizona. Carson's a statue and we'll sack him 20 times.

Honestly, it's only the Steelers that really concern me. We should be able to score on them all day...just have to get our D firing on all cylinders.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Wow, Hoosier...that's the most glass half empty view of a schedule I've ever seen.

I'm pretty sure bg71 has me beat... :)

Haha yeah, I saw that. I assumed he was being intentionally over the top since his pessimism seems to be working well so far. :bengal:

Very much over the top. Been doing it since the primetime Tampa pre-season game. They are 8-0 since.

Realistically, I expect the following;

They win in Pittsburgh on a Nugent FG. 7-0 first time in franchise history. Everyone is pumped!

However, history doesnt rewrite itself and they can't get over the primetime curse

and lose the next 2 primetime games to Browns and Texans, looking like they did in the Tampa game.

Cards get on a roll and beat them the next week in Arizona.

7-3, tied with the Steelers.

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