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Marvin Jones Out With Broken Foot


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And the 2014 injury train starts to roll...

Per Hobs he had a pin put in. Likely out until after the bye, could be a candidate for PUP or the IR/return thingie.

Well, that sucks. OTOH more balls for Eifert.

ETA: Hobson tweets:

Geoff Hobson @GeoffHobsonCin · 10m

Lewis says it will be a few weeks for Jones. Similar injury knocked Sanu out of last month of 12 season

Geoff Hobson @GeoffHobsonCin · 13m

Now the question is if they put him on IR return 8 games into season, PUP him for first 6 or maybe back sooner

Geoff Hobson @GeoffHobsonCin · 15m

A Pin has been put in fifth metatarsal

Geoff Hobson @GeoffHobsonCin · 16m

Marvin jones out a few weeks with foot injury

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Thankfully, we now have the depth to get past it.

If we all expect a more run centred game then losing a WR for a few early weeks may not hurt us so bad when you consider what options we have behind AJ Green.

Cobi Hamilton, Mo Sanu, Ryan Whalen, Dane Sanzenbacher, even Brandon Tate .... plus some of the other WR's have a chance to show their worth.

Eifert, Gresham, Smith, Brock - as TE's there's another option for moving the ball forwaard.

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Per Hobson, the Bengals are hopeful Jones will miss only the first three games.

Replacing him for those games might be tricky. They have good depth between WR and TE but a lot of those guys are best suited to the slot. The two guys with speed are Cobi Hamilton and James Wright. So there is a big opportunity here for whoever can step up.

Cobi didn't get any love last week while Wright had 2 catches for 20 yards and a TD. Interesting matchup to watch.

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