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Dalton Deal Done


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Per Hobs, this deal makes Dalton a Bengal through the 2020 season.


So it's actually a 7-year deal, or about $16.4 million/year. Obviously the structure is everything but that's a bargain for a stating QB.

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When they extended defensive linemen Geon Atkins and Carlos Dunlap with mega deals last preseason, they finished the season as the third highest spending team in the league.

Cheap ass Mike Brown... <_<

People can say what they want, but this deal and others have all but removed that thought process.

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So, I wonder how that will shake down with Campbell and McCarron - do you think the Bengals will go with 3 qb's on the roster or move AJ to the practice squad and risk losing the player to another team (still spitting about Fragel being nabbed by Cleveland) ???

As Wraith said I'm glad the deal is done and we can move onto other players.

Still undecided about Dalton as THE quarterback to take the Bengals over the hump but whatever I think don't count for diddly, ..the deal's done he's the guy, that's that.

Now lets give Burfict a fair offer and get him tied up for a long time

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Huge news. So much for the future is AJ McCarron.

I'd say hold your horses a bit. If the deal is structured at all like Kaepernick's, the Bengals may be able to bail early if Dalton can't take the next step.

My bet is Andy gets this year and 2015. If he hasn't popped his postseason cherry by then, change will come.

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There has been no progress and no movement, according to sources, and while owner Mike Brown has made mention of the desire to get something done, using Colin Kaepernick's deal as a barometer of sorts, the reality is the sides aren't close.

This coming from an article written 5 days ago and reports now saying the deal was pretty much finished 2 weeks ago, but needed finalizing.

Yet another reason I hate to hang my hat on most things I read about contracts and extensions.

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I think that it will be the Shoulder Injury and I am not a doctor but I don't think it will respond to treatment this year.....

Before it's all said and done ?? ---> :crutches:/>

I understand that the arm will actually be amputated and replaced...


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Now I can listen to these guys on twitter about how the bengals will in QB purgatory lol

If QB purgatory means being a team that is at least in contention on a consistent basis, what does that makes teams like Tennessee, Oakland, Houston, or Minnesota ?? There are more to add to that list, but I just find it humorous when people say that since Dalton "hasn't" won a playoff game, that he "can't" win a playoff game.

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