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Official 2014 Draft Day Thread

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I closed the other thread due to it's length and knowing one that took place during the draft is going to at least equal that if not more.

We are using the open draft forum thread throughout the draft process to discuss who the Bengals will take in each round.

Again, please try to keep the discussion about a particular pick in the actual pick thread. It cuts down on the confusion within a thread.

So make an attempt to narrow it down with the first pick. Lets say give the 3 players you really think could be the pick.

I'm going to go with Fuller at CB, Shazier at OLB, and Su'a Filo at OG.

My flyer would be Pryor at the safety spot.

Enjoy the draft !!!

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The rumor and counter-rumor mill is in full swing. Per PFT:

Rams talk of Manziel at two is smoke. I don't think that surprises anyone.

Houston wants a King's ransom for the No. 1 pick. The Texans want to swap first-round picks, add a first- and second-round pick in this year’s draft and another first-round pick in 2015. All I can say to that is, God bless 'em, by which I mean they are flipping insane.

Denver wants to move up. Notable because the Bengals have traded with Denver before (see Perry, Two-Carry). Speculation is that a corner or Mosley/Shazier is their target and it's possible one or more is there at 24. Per ye olde trade value chart, a move from 31 to 24 would cost Denver a third- and fifth-round pick.

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I think the odd man out would be Still. He hasn't really impressed and has had injury issues, including word of some chronic back problems late last season. That said, the last time the Bengals took a DT in the first was what, Big Daddy? I don't know how they would pass on Donald should he be there but DT has not been a first round priority with this team.

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Donald at #24 ?? Yes please. He would present the BPA for sure at that point and would be a terror on that D-line.

God knows our depth there is a big question mark as well.

If Donald isn't there (and things shake out like in the NFL.com draft), how about Dominique Easley? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMhd__Dkoh0

If he's healthy, team him up with Geno, Dunlap and Gilberry and our D line pass rush would be flat scary.

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Is this crap about to finally get started? What year is it?

It's 2004 of course and the Browns have just held last minute secret workouts with Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers. Then they drafted The Fukking Soldier.


I believe the term for this is draftenfrude.

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I can see Donald going very high in this draft also. I can see Tampa take him, Lovie will get his Warren Sapp type.

The Browns have a chance to be really good after this draft. Bridgewater has a chance to fall to them at 26, and I bet they pick him. They also could get Watkins at number 4 as we'll.

I keep seeing Roby for the bengals and it makes me sick lol

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