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Bengals @ Browns Pregame Chatter


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Welcome to Clowns week! Chudzinski is playing coy with who starts at QB against the Bengals, but after Hoyer's big day against the Vikings I doubt Weeden ever throws another pass for the Browns.

Cundiff got hurt, no word on how bad, so they may bring in a new kicker. Bets it's Shank?

Oh, and their TE is dating Leo DiCaprio's ex.

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Division games are almost always tough, no matter how good or bad the teams seem to be. And I don't think Cleveland is quite as bad as its record. In both their losses they took a lead into the half. That's why the Richardson trade amazed me. The Browns didn't seem that bad. And you have to give the players a huge amount of credit for not folding their tents and pulling out a win against Minnesota.

I fully expect the Browns to be up for this game. 0-3 is a playoff death sentence, so they just saved their season, at least for a week. They will fight tooth and nail to get to .500. The Bengals are the better team, but that doesn't mean they will get the win. And as I read the stories today I hear a lot of Bengals patting themselves on the back for their composure and crowing about beating one of the "elite" teams and generally priming their bubbles to be burst.

I'll say the Bengals win but it's not going to be pretty, something like 19-17.

Looking ahead, they have the Pats, Bills, Lions and Jets, four more struggling squads. If they get their stuff together they could be 7-1 before Halloween.

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This is a game the Bengals should clearly win and I agree with the thought of Hoyer being no Rodgers.

I look at this very much the same way as the last game. A team coming in with big numbers against a crappy defense the week prior.

Cleveland won't have the same offensive success against the Bengals defense that they did in Minnesota.

Now, that Browns defense is another story and is the better of the two sides of the ball for them.

However, I think we have far more weapons on offense than the Vikings were able to throw at the Browns.

It will probably be another close game, because lets face it, they always are when it comes to the Browns.

However, I expect the Bengals to leave Cleveland with the "W".

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We have the better offense and the better defense, but good lord it's the Browns and we all know how often that turns into a bizarre outing of sputtering nonsense and heroic feats by the boys in brown. As long as we don't make whichever QB they put out there look like Dan freaking Marino (looking at you, first game last year) I think we'll win easily. Throw out what things look like on paper because it's always opposite day when we take the field against them.

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Rash of injuries at corner continues. Per Hobs, Hall has a sore hammy. Lewis says the outlook for Sunday is "partly cloudy."

If this keeps up, we'll either have to get some people out of the stands and put helmets on them or else get our CBs some speedy wheelchairs.

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Hey, did you know Brian Hoyer is just like Andrew Luck?

Hoyer overcomes 3 INT's against one of the worst defenses in the league and he's Andrew Luck's twin.

Dalton overcomes 1 INT, a fumble, and a 16 point deficit in the 2nd half, against one of the best QB's in the league and he sucks.

Hmmmm. <_</>

I know, right? Dalton is an average-to-good QB who, while not perfect, has arguably exceeded (admittedly low) expectations so far this year. His rating after three games stands at 93.2, the team is 2-1 and if Andy has put the Bengals in a hole a couple times (and he has) he has pulled them out a couple times, too. Yet the ravings from some corners of Bengaldom (thankfully not around here) for his head have only grown more shrill. The more Andy fails to fail, the crazier they get. I'm starting to think of it as "Dalton Derangement Syndrome."

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It's a divisional game, it's the battle of ohio, it's an away game, .... by a long stretch this is not a foregone conclusion.

The Bengals need to show their professionalism and go get the job done. Hopefully the coaches will be keeping everybodies feet firmly on the ground and not letting any complacency creep in.

By comparrision the Packers were expected to win last Sunday and we all know how that one ended up :sure:/>

Cleveland is always a bruising game for the above reasons and this game is an opportunity for them to go 2-2 and bring Cincy to that record also.

The Bengals need to step up on offence and stop the stupid turnovers/penalties.

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