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Camp Begins


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So guess who starts camp on PUP? Hiya Moobs, nice to see ya.


Listed as PUP/NFI or non football injury. reedy claims its a calf.

Also out are Pressley, Scott and Peerman. We can has RBs? Apparently not right now. Zac Robinson and Tyrone Goard are also down.

ETA here's Hob's story. Says Smith's calf is not serious, which probably means his leg has fallen off...


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"Hard Knocks" this year refers to the noises the Zeppelin makes as he rampages through the buffet line at Sizzler.

Darwinism is the word of the day as he bludgeons the elderly and the infirm on the way to the creamed corn trough. That calf probably got strained ditching into the line for the Sunday bar.

Hopefully, he'll round into shape, old school style, as camp rolls on,

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Don't let a key part of that article slip your attention.

But the word is that Smith looked in good shape and he reportedly appeared to be at around his playing weight.

Which only confirms the report about him staying in shape while in Alabama.

I still have no reason to be concerned at this point.

A bigger story (at least in my opinion) is that Kirkpatrick WASN'T on the PUP at this time and can practice.

That has to be viewed as a real plus right ??

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Kirkpatrick can actually practice and play? Hard to believe.

That's the word at this point in time, but I will take the wait and see approach with him.

Sort of like hearing how amazing Ghee is. How long will it be before he has a great play, blows someone up, and is out for the season ??

That is a guy i'm rooting for as well.

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Here's Hobs on today's action, such as it is. Nuggets on our two favorite players:

» The plan for right tackle Andre Smith, who didn't report to the voluntary camps and was fined for missing the mandatory camp, is for him to address the media after practice. He's not working and has gone on the non-football injury list with what is believed to be not a serious calf injury.

» Smith's Alabama teammate, cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, said Smith has given him a lot of support and "is like my big brother." Kirkpatrick, who missed virtually his entire training camp as a rookie last year before only playing in five games with a bone spur near his knee, is ready to go Thursday and as he surveyed the media crush at his locker he observed, "I'm probably the only guy in the country excited about training camp."

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I wonder if B. Scott is going to get PUP'ed or moved to IR at some point.

That's the only way he's going to be a part of this team.

If he's healthy, I place my money on him getting cut.

My guess is if he's hurt he'll also get cut. His only chance to stick around is to be healthy and impress the coaches that he can contribute

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Who is Kirkpatrick???

Yup, 12th regeneration. [/nerdhumor]

Katie will be the Doctor's newest companion.

Well, I'm good with that if she can sign that kid from Dalek State.


Maybe they can "exterminate" the Steelers.

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Team and local media get in spat at practice today, all presumably right in front of the Hard Knocks cameras. Normally moribund Bengals PR department managed to step in and find a solution after the media declared a boycott of practice.

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