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The Ray Lewis cheating dealie


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The way I read it is there is really no reason to even bring it up.

The only way this deer penis or whatever can be detected is by blood testing and the NFL doesn't do it.

The question should be if the NFL is going to ban a substance, shouldn't it have a way to test for its use ??

Seems beyond ignorant to me.

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couple of things. by no means defending Ray but more a comment on how utterly stupid the media is.

1. this deer antler spray is said to contain extremely small, as in nanograms (or a millionth of a gram) amounts of the stuff.

2. IGF-1 cannot be ingested. Your gut destroys most things coming down the pipe. This is why people who use IGF-1 for enhancing perf inject it for max effect. even if he were tested during the time he could hae ingested it, he would have not tested positive for anything. IGF-1 is banned but undetectable.

3. That Ray even tried it is unclear. They say he was given some. Did he ever ingest it? can it be proven.

the whole thing is a media spin-up. gotta have a story.

Ray Lewis should be hammered for may things, but this is a non-story. Im more interested in the hologram stickers!

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