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Happy Stuff Your Face and Watch Football Day


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Have a happy turkey day, guys. :cheers:/>

Happy Thanksgiving guys!

Back at 'cha guys. Just put the turkey in and getting the rest of the sides ready to roll. I want to get most of this done before football comes on!

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Just looking forward to some good food and drink.

Football will be on, but I don't really care all that much about the games.

The kids are going to have a good time today, so that's what it's all about for us.

Thankful to be home and able to share the Holidays with family.

Thankful for those still doing the job making that possible.

Enjoy !!!

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I'm thankful that there are no more mentions of Chad around here


What's that dude even doing these days besides spending too much money on exotic sports cars and eating at McDonalds?

Well he got divorced and got a tattoo. I'm waiting for his next reality tv show.

Well after buying an overpriced car and getting divorced, eating at McDonalds is probably all he can afford.

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Who really cares ??

It's not even my general distaste for him anymore, but really, who cares ??

Nobody really cares. Just amazed about how absurd his situation is now. I don't think he can afford his posse anymore. IMO this dude will be broke and selling his house in the very near future. It may happen that his next job includes the words, "Do you want fries with that?"

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By the way, hope everyone here had a good Turkey day as well, this is the best, long-running Bengals' forum on the nets. I'm certainly thankful for BZ, and the mods here who are tolerant, good guys.

Yes it's absolutely amazing that guys like me and you haven't been banned from here yet. Shoot I have been banned from the same Bengals board twice already. Now if the mods can clean up a few more guys then maybe we can take off our shoes and have some real fun.

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