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Jets @ Bengals Gameday thread!

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They are showing the game later on here locally, so I will be keeping busy until then.

I have a retaining wall to start building tonight and will top it off with the game and some cold beverages.

Anyway around, i'm just happy to be able to watch our guys get some snaps.

I'm really looking forward to watching what happens with the o-line and the running game.

Along with that, watching the WR's and defense get at it.

Preseason is one of those time to be able to watch guys really compete for spots and guys that might not get much playing time otherwise. I can't wait !!!

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Stuff I'll be looking for:

1. No injuries.

2. No injuries.

3. No injuries.

4. Pass protection. How does the starting o-line, with 40% New & Improved Players hold up? There have been a few reported rough spots in camp, but most seem to have been related to Messrs. Dunlap and Atkins. Is it good D or shaky O?

5. Secondary. Probably won't get a long look but it will be interesting to see who starts where and who gets rotated in when.

6. Dalton's accuracy.

7. Gresham's hands.

8. Rey's play.

9. Run-blocking in short yardage. Wasn't good in the mock game. Again, shaky o-line or do we just have that good a d-line?

10. No injuries.

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Per Kevin Goheen, players expected to sit tonight:

QB T. Hansen

RB B. Scott

G M. Murphy

WR R. Whalen

DT P. Sims

DE R. Geathers

CBs Brandon Ghee, Jason Allen, Dre Kirkpatrick and Shaun Prater.

Unrelated note: we may see Benson back at PBS soon...in a Packers uniform.

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Benson to Packers hope that happens for him. Just hope he holds on to the ball better there then he did here!

As for tonight big thing is no injuries. Will keep a close eye on the secondary and watching Burfict.

Would love to see the run game going tonight and I'm hoping Dalton continues to improve and let them find that #2 WR!

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