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Scheduled FA Visits to the Bengals 2012


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And go...

Aaron Ross - CB

Benjarvus Green-Ellis RB

That TE dude -

That DE dude -

help me out folks, I am at work.

Lets add others as they come up and maybe track outcome/status of contract offers post-visit here for easy access and as a resource.

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The Law Firm would be an interesting signing. Not sure there's much difference between Davis and Lee so as long as they end up with one of them I'm good. Bush will probably want too much. Bell is junk, Langford's just a guy and Newman is 8,000 years old.

Keep makin' phone calls, FO.

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Looks like the Seahags are releasing Robert Gallery. The Bengals were after him last year but he chose Seattle. He's 32 but would be an upgrade over what we've got, would come cheaper than last year and give us a bridge to develop young guys like Boling. Worth a look, IMHO.

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Looks like all 3 FA visits are staying over night I wonder if they will all share a room and maybe some bunk beds lol! So I wonder of this is good sign or not. I wonder if they are trying to sign all 3 guys

Good news. On the flip side, the Packers have reportedly contacted Langford so we're up to 3 teams (at least) chasing him. The Bengals rarely win bidding wars.

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If they would sign both corners then I might start being happy with then. I doubt that but either one of those guys would be good with me, then I don't see them taking a CB in the first round. I wouldn't mind them getting this Langford guy he seems to be a better run stuffer.

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What they do at corner or guard in FA wouldn't keep them from taking one in the first round.

Especially ones that aren't considered starters in the league.

In other words:

You don't pass on DeCastro or Glenn because we got (name your OG left in FA).

You don't pass on Jenkins or Kirkpatrick because we got Old Man Newman or Porter.

Minus something magical like Richardson falling, those will likely be the positions targeted in the 1st.

It's a shame they locked themselves up like that.

Well done front office, well done...

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