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Palmer, Benson Up for FedEx Awards


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Carson Palmer and Cedric Benson are up for the FedEx Air and Ground NFL Players of the Week. Voting can be done by clicking this link. Palmer is up against Phillip Rivers whose San Diego Chargers dismantled a bad Kansas City Chief team 37-7. Tony Romo is also up for the Air Award after beating the Atlanta [...] Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/?p=1077

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I had some spare time, so I put in about 75 votes for each.

Time well spent for something good for the city !!!

Wow Army, I thought my 10 votes were a lot! Big props to you, I'm sure your voting had a saying in the final results! :sure:

Anywho, awesome game and well deserved winners. I know Carson and have watch him joyfully over the years, but even I was amazed by how pinpoint accurate he was! Brilliant game vs. a good D! What can I say about CedBen? The dude is a beast and put fear and regret in his former teammates! Ced the Pred should easily win Comeback Player of the Year as well! :bengal:

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This is the reason I don't feel bad about voting more than twice and why I think it's time well spent:

With Palmer and Benson's wins FedEx is making a $2,000 donation to the Safe Kids coalitions in Cincinnati to support pedestrian safety improvements. Safe Kids USA is a national non-profit organization that works to prevent accidental injury among children.

While I have no idea if the 75 votes I put in made a difference, as I didn't see the final count, I simply think anyone giving money to a good cause for Cincinnati is worthy of the 10-15 minutes it took me to do that. Here's to hoping we have more opportunities this season to do it again !!!

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this is nice, but i am wondering one thing, have there ever a week where both winner is on same team like this one?

Good question. I don't remember any.

Did Rudi and Carson win it together in 04 or 05? I know they were both winners but don't remember if it was for the same week.

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