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Week 16: Ravens @ Bengals

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15 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

Re Carmen & Adenji 


I just wonder how they define pressure?   Does it account for QB holding the ball because I think Joe looks a hell of a lot more confident 2nd half vs. 1st half and he's holding the ball looking for big plays.

Case in point:  The strip/sack vs Chargers.  That was a cover 2 look.  First read was the deep cross.  It was there.   However, the design of the routes caught Chargers in a mistake and Chase was free for a TD.   Burrow hesitated and went for it and got sack/fumbled.   Not a bad decision, just a fortunate play for the Chargers.  Split second more its a TD or chunk play.

However how does that get graded by these stat services?   He goes deep cross, ball would have been out and probably a nice gain pending how fast defender closed. 

Higher pressure rate from an eyeball test says Burrow is holding the ball because he's more confident and he's looking to do damage. 

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You know what I never realized in my younger years ??  And this is probably because I never played football...

I always viewed the game from above.  In the stands at a game, on TV from a high camera point of view.  Whatever.
I remember going to a game and sitting close to the field and saying, "Man I can't see shit in the game down here".

That allowed me to realize that the players don't see things from the perspective I watch from.
What I think is obvious from that vantage point is lost on the field.
While I can see Chase streaking down the sideline after torching his guy doesn't mean the QB does.

I makes me appreciate the precision of the game more and guys like Burrow who just feel that shit.

Congrats to Burrow !!!

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