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2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff


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So, Hubbard said this to Dehner on the recent HTPG, which Dehner transcribed and put into his notes column on the Athletic today:


“This is something I talked about with Jessie Bates,” Hubbard said on Hear That Podcast Growlin’. “It’s our team, it’s our time now. We are
embracing it because this is what we wanted. We wanted to win games, do things the right way. There’s no example to follow but ours because
we are the old guys now. It’s on us to do everything right and get everyone else to do things the way we want them to be done, the way we
have trying to get them to be done for years.”

Whether Hubbard intended it that way or not, that's some serious shots fired stuff at at least some of recently departed vets. And then some. Really interested to see him and Bates taking over leadership. Pleased too, frankly. 

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