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Giants @ Bengals Game Thread


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Two teams.  Both with franchise saviors sitting at home with torn ACLs.  

Seriously don’t care if we win.  If there’s hope for the #1 pick, go ahead with tank 2.0, get a haul of picks for the Lawrence pick, use them to scratch and claw to a .475 win percentage, expand the whole Bengals’ operation so that anyone with even 12% or more of Mike’s DNA has a job here.  Great success!

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I want to preface this by emphasizing that this is *just me* and my opinion/impression and it’s perfectly fine if it isn’t shared by anyone else.

I think this coaching staff, or at least the top post-Marvin guys, is a bunch of assholes.

Everything we hear about Turner and Anarumo is more or less about what level of dick they are. Meanwhile Taylor strikes me as more and more of a smug prick with each passing week. I can’t even watch the postgame interviews because I just get mad I can’t punch his increasingly punchable face.

Again, just me. YMMV.

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4 hours ago, COB said:

Glancing through Lance's media, came across this list of QBs who've had torn ACLs:  


Tom Brady, Carson Palmer (2), Philip Rivers, DeShaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Ryan Tannehill, Donovan McNabb, Jimmy Garoppolo

Correct. People need to sack up. This happens. And qbs recover and are just as good as before.

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