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2021 NFL Draft

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1 hour ago, TJJackson said:

wait.....you were all in on Sewell......does Chase passblock now?

I am now convinced that Chase will improve the offense more than Sewell.  Plus, about a thousand tackles have a first round grade, we can get Leatherface in the second round, or someone like him.  On the flip side, if we take Sewell in the first, a first round graded  x receiver will be nowhere to be found in the second round.  We’ll just get a guy.  

By far the more impactful duo in the first two rounds is Chase plus a second round tackle.  If it’s Pitts then I’m ok with that, though 5th is awfully high to take a TE.  If he turns out to be Kelce or Gronk, then it’s a huge win.  And he’s projected to be pretty great so we’ll see. 

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1 hour ago, COB said:

Why?  Like the secrets out on this big dude and we can’t snatch him in the second?

Supposedly rumors about injury concerns with foot were causing him to drop. Guess not.

in the Sewell scenario, we need someone to drop to make that work - Marshall or Bateman or Elijah Moore. 

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15 minutes ago, Stripes said:

Baltimore can have Marshall. They absolutely never get first round receivers right.

Which brings up a point that shouldn’t be overlooked: based on recent history, whoever the Bengals select at 5 will suffer a season ending injury before August, so best to take OL in round 2 to make sure Burrow gets some protection. ;)

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28 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

can he passblock?  Im not sure they'll let him carry the chainsaw onto the field


He’s known to cut block.  If we take him there will be a chain reaction as tackles start to go off the board.  He’s good at gouging the defense for big gains.

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It seems that every source has flipped from Sewell to Chase now....just watching Simms and Florio gush about how good the Bengals will be with Chase after stating repeatedly that the only reasonable choice was Sewell just days ago.

  Will be interesting to watch ESPN and see if they flip the narrative as well.

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I think a lot of that flipping comes with a 48 point font asterisk

with that asterisk going along the lines of this:


Chase at 5, fine, grudgingly ok, 

but (and thats 48 point font)

the pick at 38 damn well better be a OL who can play ORG this year and either ORT or OC next year, and the r3 pick better damned well be a OL as well who can play ORG this year and the other of the two roles next year

or we riot


well, at least one old guy in the SE side of Cincinnati will riot

I think some folks only care about the pick at 38, but I want to see three OLs taken with the first two at 38 and 69.  BPA OL as one of the two 6th round picks

I will be very unhappy if we take Dickerson with a pick earlier than r6.  5 maybe.  That injury history, man oh man.  

the perfect no-trade draft for me is Chase - Leatherwood/Cosmi - Humphrey/Meinerz - passrushing DE - passrushing DT - deep speed WR - passblocking OG - third down RB - P or K  

of course, I still prefer a tradedown

#TeamTradedown FTW !!!    

Talk to me, Denver.  I like pick 9 a LOT.

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Best mock I have ever run in the PFF simulator.

1) Chase

2) Leatherwood

3) Humphrey

4) Davyion Nixon, DI, Iowa

5) Elerson Smith, Edge, Northern Iowa

6a) Dylan Moses, Mike, Alabama

6b) Jermar Jefferson, RB, Oregon State

7) Terron Jackson, Edge, Coastal Carolina.


If the actual draft would fall like this, I might drive to Cincy and kiss Mike Brown on the lips.

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11 hours ago, Wraith said:

Here is another Hypothetical....currently Travis Etienne is listed as the #66 best prospect from PFF...let's say we take Chase at #5 and Leatherwood at #38, #69 rolls around and Etienne is still on the board....do you take him?

I do.


Me too.

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