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(Bust His) Cherry Carbine Bowl: Ravens @ Bengals Pregame Thread


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With AJ they have to avoid the stupidness and cheapness that lost them J. Joe and Whitworth.

J. Joe they were able to recover from quite nicely because Zimmer knew how to spot CB talent.

The loss of Whitworth basically destroyed that era of playoff opportunity.

Don't get cheap and cute.   If you are willing to put a large amount of $$$ on the table.   Then use the damn franchise tag if you can't close.      They lost Whitworth over a few million which they have wasted more on Glenn alone.

You don't let franchise talent like AJ waltz into unrestricted Free Agency.   Tag him.    If it looks bleak then trade him.  

I like the chances of AJ on a 3/4 year deal to out produce any possible replacement plan.    They are looking at $5mil cap cost increase from his current level using Julio Jones as a guide line.

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10 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

It’s just too hard to speculate one way or another. I just think that’s a lot to put on him. Whatever he did last year or the year before that is meaningless when looking at the o-line this season and a new rookie QB he has no chemistry with.

And that’s why I’m pretty dubious that we will learn anything useful about Finley. The only scenario I see where we really come away with anything is if he goes out there and tears it up and turns out to be the next Tom Brady: a once in a generation talent that everyone missed and somehow fell into our laps, and now we’re going to be a dynasty for the next decade.

As nice as that would be, I’m betting it’s not going to happen.

Instead, we are going to take a rookie QB not adapted to the speed of the NFL game or the complexity of the defenses, put him in charge of a raging dumpster fire of an offense, behind a line made up of a screen door, a turnstile and several gaping holes, and expect to “evaluate his performance.” Ummm...ok?

Best of luck to the poor kid. From my chair, it looks like he’s set up to fail.

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3 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

Keylime Kickstand ??


I got nothing...

Ok Army that’s good except key lime isn’t a shade of red and a kickstand is not, as far as I know, a firearm.  Other than the fact that it was all wrong, good job.  Participant trophy.

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