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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Mike Brown Thought of the Day


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That was a very serious penalty.  There is no way they imposed that for calling Tom Brady up on the phone.  In my opinion they can’t tolerate a pay-to-tank story/reality, so they say “just joking”, but that penalty is for the offer to tank.  

Goodell blabbed on about “unprecedented tampering,”. Blah blah blah.  He’s just trying to hype it up.  If they’re so worried about the integrity of the game, why does Tomlinson get a wink and a fist bump for stepping on the field and literally stopping a touchdown?  All that Patriots taping.  Those are far more serious than calling Brady’s cellphone, assuming Brady hasn’t destroyed his cellphone in yet another cheating scandal.  

Admitting teams tank would create nightmarish legal issues, especially as the league jumps into bed with various gambling businesses.  This story is all about tanking, and the NFL using subterfuge and bullshit to change that.  

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Tanking is bad.  Since no one pays attention to the Bengals, hopefully no one noticed that Zac benched our pro bowl quarterback before several easy games so Ryan Finley could get a few reps in.  

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I can't even tell you through the years how many times, when the team has sucked, I wished they would just lose remaining games for a better draft pick.  It simply always made sense to me with the thought process of drafting higher increasing your chances at getting an elite player.  Not a guarantee mind you, but still...

I mean if you were the Lions or the Jaguars heading into the last few weeks of the season last year, what do they earn in winning games at that point?  Moral victory? End on a high point? Play spoiler?  Great and ask the Dolphins if they would rather have Joe Burrow or Tua at this point. 

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 I doubt Mike Brown ever traveled down the road of tanking like the Dolphins owner.    Sure Mixon and Jonah could have played at some point in 2019/2020 to give them a better chance of winning in those seasons, but they didn't.   Then Ryan Finley.     However you still have to make the pick.

Bengals could have easily decided Tua was their man like the Dolphins then the whole world would have applauded taking Sewell over Chase.

Those alternatives would have landed them A+ draft grades but in retrospect would have been franchise set back moves.   On the level of Ross over Mahomes or Billy Price over Lamar Jackson when all you've got is Andy Dalton, wtf? 

Tua still might be something.  He's got some good weapons.     Burrow and Herbert stamped themselves "franchise" early in their careers which is an advantage for building.

The last days of Marvin really screwed this franchise so glad the Bengals were able to get out that hole with some outstanding talent available to them.



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