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  1. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I hope you guys are right. One embarrassment Marvin has never suffered is being swept by the Browns. So bring on the brooms. I'm not getting my hopes up though. It would be exactly like the Bengals to go into Cleveland beat them in a meaningless game. I don't think the Browns are a good team, so even the trash Bengals can catch them napping. I hope Cleveland rips their heads off.
  2. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    I knew they'd win. They'll beat Cleveland next week too. A truly abysmal finish is too much to ask for.
  3. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    You could always emphasize the Paul Brown era before the franchise became a joke. There's plenty of genuine pride to be taken in Munoz, the super bowl teams, etc.
  4. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    I wonder if there is an out clause in any contract in the event that the pages become dampened and ruined by man spunk.
  5. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Really hope they don't. Best-case scenario is four more blowout losses.
  6. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Hot trash water.
  7. Caption This Photo

    Splack! (dentures fly into the endzone)
  8. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    I hope Dalton moves on from this franchise and gets a shot somewhere else. I think he can be very good in the right place.
  9. Hue Hired To Do Unspecified Things

    If they want to move forward with Hue, then fire Marvin fucking yesterday and let Hue finish the season. See what you have. Then when he flops get someone else. Normal expectations are a pipe dream here.
  10. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    Fuck Tom Savage. Jeff Driskel or bust.
  11. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Well at least there's the Reds. uh
  12. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yeah. As we watch our "favorite" team get its ass obliterated in Cincinnati by its perennially losing interstate rival, we can hardly even muster a shrug. I was laughing at my screen yesterday.
  13. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Tate's catch radius makes me wonder why he isn't on the field more. Look at this dude.
  14. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Three false starts in like six plays. Cool.
  15. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    No argument!