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  1. I'll be clear: I don't care that much about the emotional details of the incident. I care that Mixon displayed no self control in a way that most humans (and most NFL players) would not. That's a trait that translates to the football field. We lost a playoff game because two of our guys lacked self control at the worst moments of their playing careers so far. Fuck making excuses for this kid. We'll see what happens. If he pulls some dumbass shit though, on or off the field, then that's on everyone who approved the pick.
  2. A bunch of writers did that. They're too shy to give bad grades. When you give a team a "B-" you really can't be wrong either way.
  3. More like nobody here really knows shit about "Mason Schrek, TE, Buffalo" and to form any opinion is nonsense. We'll see what he can do.
  4. I might be less inclined to care if we weren't still so close to Burfict and Jones jackassing us out of a playoff win. I don't trust people with no self control on this roster. Eventually the Bengals have to learn their lesson.
  5. I think this entire process is close to a crapshoot so I don't really give a damn. It strikes me as nonsense to worry about who is who in the late rounds. Nobody really knows. The only gripes I have are with Mixon for obvious reasons and the second wide receiver. The Bengals are going to have to dump one of these guys and I hate it: Core Erickson Malone They could keep 7 if they want, but then they're losing someone else. Maybe we can drop freaking Driskel?
  6. Blocking tight end. Okay sure.
  7. Gimme one of those shiny late-round safeties Marvin likes.
  8. Start 'em!
  9. Nugent was the obvious best kicker of his class too and ended up just okay as a pro. Who knows.
  10. At least he's capable from long range.
  11. There's your kicker.
  12. These feel like luxury picks that 6 win teams usually aren't in a position to make.
  13. Maybe they put Paul Alexander in draft timeout after Oogieboogie and Fisher.
  14. At this point I hope it's terrible so i can enjoy TJ's reaction.