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  1. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    Here's a little cheap Burrow porn if you're bored. Speed it to 2x speed for something close to real-time. It shows little and means nothing, but it's still cool to see the gang catching balls from the new QB.
  2. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    I'll take it. Beats Ryan Pool Noodle Finley.
  3. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    That guy placed every Bengals starter in the worst tier per position group, even Hopkins (he didn't feature Jonah Williams). I can't claim he's flat wrong there, though I at least think center is better off than that. Hard to argue with any enthusiasm for Jordan, XSF, or Hart.
  4. At least they [ought to be] losing a higher pick in 2021 than they would have had they been charged one in 2020.
  5. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Leave it to a guy who is known only for playing poorly to make an ass of himself on social media.
  6. RIP Ken Riley

    Super bummer. Also fuck you to everyone involved with him making zero pro bowls in his career. WTF is that.
  7. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    Unfortunately there've been at least a couple of Cincinnati's worst responding to it in all the wrong ways.
  8. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Sign Warford already.
  9. What About the Defense ??

    I'm so glad they viewed DT as a major priority. It's not something the fanbase talked about as much as the LB black hole or the looming free agency losses at CB. The defensive line was immensely disappointing to me in both 2018 and 2019 though, and I can't wait to see if Reader can make a difference. Hell, if he can just eat up a few extra blocks and get us one more big Geno Atkins season then that's huge. It could also provide Geno the push he needs to make a loud and final Hall of Fame case.
  10. What About the Defense ??

    On paper I think the free agents (plus the three drafted LBs) are ALL clear upgrades other than the corners, and they could be upgrades too. The larger concern is getting them on the field together to gel, build rapport, and get repetition in Anarumo's system. There's nothing the Bengals can do about it right now that they're not already doing, so we just have to cross our fingers. I am with mem in the end regardless: whatever happens on the field, nobody can look at me with a straight face and say they didn't try to fix this thing.
  11. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    If I'm Tua I hold out as long as necessary to get that 30,275,439th dollar.
  12. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    Little do you realize that the future still rests on the shoulders of Jake Dolegala.
  13. AJ Green is fully on board

    The last time I really, truly cared what this team did (apart from PleaseLose2019) was a few seconds prior to a certain Jeremy Hill fumble. So I get it. I'm glad Joe and the receivers are closely communicating, whether they can get out for some throws any time soon or not. He can begin to establish rapport and assert his leadership immediately.
  14. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    Incidentally, that's also the number of times Tua got his ass handed to him by Burrow in Tuscaloosa.