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  1. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    I get the impression he just isn't the blocker they thought he'd be. In the rare cases when he's in, he doesn't impress me in that regard.
  2. Is This the ‘90s All Over Again?

    I fear our boy Geno Atkins seems to be losing a step. In both the run game and pass rush, he's been a bit of a ghost. I am sure he is subject to frequent doubles, but that's nothing new.
  3. Is This the ‘90s All Over Again?

    I view the remaining schedule like this (assuming the Bengals do try to win every week and don't revert to a Dolphins tank): Absolutely hell no: Patriots Probably not winning, but it wouldn't completely shock me if they did: Rams, Ravens, Steelers These teams are better than the Bengals, but they're capable of losing to anyone any week: Jaguars, Jets, Raiders, Browns x2 The Bengals might actually be favored: Dolphins
  4. Is This the ‘90s All Over Again?

    I'm not celebrating anything. This team is awful, and I don't care about moral victories. Losing by one score doesn't make me feel any better. I just think it's indicative that the team isn't so bad that 0-16 is remotely likely.
  5. Is This the ‘90s All Over Again?

    I mean, 4 of the 6 losses have been by one score. We suck, but damn.
  6. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Reverse trap game? :P
  7. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Your Cincinnati Bengals leading rusher today: Alex Erickson.
  8. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    At least Auden Tate has had an opportunity to show his potential. ~silver linings~
  9. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    I feel like any new QB will fail behind this line. Have to rely heavily on Jonah Williams I guess. Could be another year where the QB is taken in the second round (after an offensive lineman). And then we wouldn't be doing anything meaningful with linebacker again! Good times.
  10. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    That was definitely a fumble. Gotta challenge that.
  11. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Honestly I think Vigil can be solid as a complementary LB or the first backup at every spot. Having him as the best and the mainstay in the unit is clearly not ideal.
  12. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Pass interference challenges are 1/21 so far. I won't hold my breath.
  13. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Last year's defense was a new low, and I don't think we're quite there yet. The run defense is worse, but the pass defense may not actually be.
  14. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    No clue why the Ravens even throw the ball at all.