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  1. Gimme one of those shiny late-round safeties Marvin likes.
  2. Start 'em!
  3. Nugent was the obvious best kicker of his class too and ended up just okay as a pro. Who knows.
  4. At least he's capable from long range.
  5. There's your kicker.
  6. These feel like luxury picks that 6 win teams usually aren't in a position to make.
  7. Maybe they put Paul Alexander in draft timeout after Oogieboogie and Fisher.
  8. At this point I hope it's terrible so i can enjoy TJ's reaction.
  9. Over/Under on this guy's receptions through 2018: 25
  10. Haha Get Mike Brown Out of the Draft Room (GMBODR) 2k17
  11. I used to support picks like this. Character concerns always struck me as sensationalized and bogus compared to the talent available. I no longer feel that way. The Bengals have made pickups like this over and over under Marvin. They don't end well. I have no reason to anticipate this will be different.
  12. Hate it. I don't give a shit how good he is.
  13. Hue Jackson has paid high for our unused QBs before...
  14. No. Not with this staff. I think Bodine was the only trade-up of the Marvin era.