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  1. Zampese just got fired

    I might support taking at least one lineman on each side of the ball in the first four picks every year. They may already be close to that though.
  2. Is Andy Next?

    I'd be thrilled to have Kaepernick. Better backup than McCarron, at least comparable to Dalton. I couldn't give a shit about the controversy.
  3. Zampese just got fired

    I get the impression Alexander is "considered one of the best" because he has been around so long, which in turn promotes his being kept around so long for being "considered one of the best" -- it's an unending paradox from which there is no likely escape.
  4. Zampese just got fired

    I am incredibly surprised. I doubt it'll make things any worse, so by all means -- let the Lazor era begin.
  5. 15 seasons and no playoff wins.

    I don't think many of us expected much from Zampese. To me though it seems redundant to focus blame in his direction. He is a part of a larger problem, the same problem that currently has us terrified of Marvin walking and being replaced by either Guenther or Alexander.
  6. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    2 home games, no touchdowns. "we won't do anything with the o-line, it'll work itself out"
  7. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    lmao false start
  8. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Garbage team doing garbage things.
  9. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

  10. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    I think the offense might not be very good. It's just now occurring to me.
  11. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    eyeroll emoji
  12. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Alex Erickson needs to be on the field as often as possible.
  13. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Wasting time with Jeremy Hill.
  14. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Just got here. Did I miss much?
  15. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    So glad I started the Ravens defense this week.