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  1. This is the signing which will get Bengals fans back in the seats.
  2. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I was snooping around some Cowboys message boards to see how they felt about it. I felt kinda bad, because the positive commentary was predictable and so innocent: "Well he was an offensive line coach in one place for 23 years. He must have been doing something right."
  3. NFL Playoffs

    Yep. In that regard I am happy no matter how this all shakes out.
  4. I don't think the Bengals win that game with a healthy Palmer either.
  5. NFL Playoffs

    That's what it took for Zimmer to finally get a playoff win. If I had Marvin's personal number I'd send him a middle finger emoji right now.
  6. NFL Playoffs

    Delicious Steelers tears.
  7. NFL Playoffs

    This has been fun and therapeutic. Hopefully the Jags finish the deal.
  8. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Awesome. Now give him another 1st and/or 2nd round lineman to work with.
  9. NFL Playoffs

    I'll feel for Whitworth if he loses another playoff game tonight.
  10. Lewis given 2 year contract

    Can't wait until they sign an aging linebacker and draft a CB.
  11. Lewis given 2 year contract

  12. Lewis given 2 year contract

    The most unfortunate product of this garbage will be the gradual death of Bengalszone.
  13. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    I don't care if Marvin is in the FO, as long as he isn't involved with selecting his dang replacement. Then again, I don't want Mike involved with that. Or Katie or Troy. ...we're fucked anyway.
  14. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    I hope the next HC actually values timeouts.
  15. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    Silver lining (y'all probably don't care) if the Bengals win this game is that it can end the Bills' obscene playoff drought. I'm pulling for those blue bastards.