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  1. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    This reminds me of the time the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (I think? Or some online Pittsburgh publication) posted an article naming Bengalszone members among others who celebrated injuries to Ben Roethelisberger. Good times.
  2. 2018 Reds

    3-18 I didn't think it would be THIS bad. Good lord.
  3. I don't give a third of a shit about the protests, and I think that's a terrible reason to decline a free agent. I also don't think Reid is a very good player, so oh well.
  4. The most important question facing us today

    Wait for Paul Alexander to open a restaurant.
  5. 2018 season

    We've been here before. The team is having an optimistic offseason (in their eyes even Marvin staying is optimistic), the rest of the division is due to regress apart from Cleveland (a progression from whom isn't saying much of anything), and a decently talented core remains in place. They'll win more games than they should. Perhaps they'll even grab a wild card spot or fall into the division championship, lose to absolutely whoever in the first round, and enter another offseason feeling better than they should about the step forward.
  6. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "McCarron's wife sure was a looker. What I wouldn't give to invite her over for a wholesome dinner and then see her out at 7 PM sharp..."
  7. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "Who threw this bar of soap in the garbage? It's still bigger than a quarter!"
  8. 2018 Reds

    Well here we go. Are our butt cheeks clenched? It's going to be rough. Hopefully the offense impresses at least.
  9. Yeah I haven't seen it either. I'd be very much in favor of such a thing.
  10. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    This is not what AJ McCarron had in mind.
  11. Matt Barkley Signed at QB

    I don't know guys. His wife is pretty cute.
  12. Eifert Re-Signs with Bengals

    Good. I don't think a healthy season is so improbable that it isn't even worth a try. Perhaps a greater concern would be a healthy season preceding a larger contract preceding yet an injury in 2019. But. Cart before the horse. Catch a few TDs and we're cool.
  13. AJ McCarron Rolls Tide into Buffalo

    Goodbye, Katherine Webb. I will always love you.
  14. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    The first round might be Marvin's worst, so I am fine with dropping nine slots. I saw Glenn had been traded in a headline earlier today and had no idea it was the Bengals. I never imagined it could have been. They never do anything interesting.
  15. This is the signing which will get Bengals fans back in the seats.