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  1. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Kansas City looked vulnerable even with Mahomes. Buffalo has a great shot next week.
  2. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    The Browns already got their playoff win, so I don't care how far they go as long as it isn't a Super Bowl win.
  3. Coaching changes on staff

    The vast inexperience issue of the last two years is being addressed as well as we could reasonably ask at least.
  4. Coaching changes on staff

    Those end-of-regulation defensive collapses against Philadelphia and Cleveland still piss me off. That absolutely must be gone in 2021.
  5. Coaching changes on staff

    I'd love it. I doubt it. [edit since I paged myself: hiring Wade Phillips]
  6. 2021 NFL Draft

    My top argument against a receiver at 5 is it's unlikely that even a hall of fame caliber receiver will promote winning as much as a pro bowl offensive tackle or defensive lineman (or quarterback). I don't think very bad teams really ought to be drafting skill positions so high. The Bengals don't share my view though and I can live with it. Also, if they just have zero confidence that [what I consider to be] the appropriate positions don't offer a good enough player at#5, then I wouldn't call for them to reach either. Sewell vs. Chase/Smith is a no-brainer. It needs to be Sewell. Not Sewell vs. Chase/Smith is not clear, and I'll trust them to do whatever they do.
  7. 2021 NFL Draft

    I don't think it means anything. I think Mixon is just excited about the pick and throwing out big flashy names he likes. I don't mind.
  8. The Knee

    I fully expect Burrow to be more ready for Week 1 than the majority of the rest of the Cincinnati Bengals are.
  9. 2021 NFL Draft

    Shit they're the same height. I thought he was 6'4" for some reason. Well then could be!
  10. 2021 NFL Draft

    I would prefer Chase, and I suspect the Bengals would too. They’ve always liked their receivers tall, and the Burrow connection seals it. If it’s a receiver, Smith would surprise me.
  11. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    One of the most lose-lose games ever played in my opinion. Pittsburgh losing is always great, but the Cleveland Browns just won a playoff game. The Bengals' drought is going on 31, and the Browns' drought is nine hours.
  12. Coaching changes on staff

    I understand your dim enthusiasm. I struggle to name any component of the Anarumo defenses of '19-20 that I'd call decisively above average apart from safety. But he's here so it's irrelevant. Be better Lou.
  13. 2021 NFL Draft

    Ran through a couple sims on TDN for shits and giggles. Note: I believe that drafting purely for need after the 3rd round or so is usually dumb since the hit rate is so low. Just get good players. 1 - Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon 2 - Asante Samuel Jr., CB, FSU 3 - Jordan Davis, IDL, Georgia 4 - Talanoa Hufanga, S, USC 5 - Marlon Williams, WR, UCF 6 - Kingsley Enagbare, DE, South Carolina 7 - Austin Watkins, WR, UAB 7 - Tarron Jackson, DE, Coastal Carolina ~~~ 1 - Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU 2 - Wyatt Davis, IOL, OSU 3 - Patrick Jones II, DE, Pittsburgh 4 - Spencer Brown, OT, Northern Iowa 5 - Charles Snowden, LB, Virginia 6 - Robert Rochell, CB, Central Arkansas 7 - Noah Gray, TE, Duke 7 - Chris Wilcox, CB, BYU
  14. Coaching changes on staff

    I don't think there's any value in dissecting the statement from the organization as though it has deep underlying meaning. It's generic filler spam like any organization spews, including the words getting lambasted here (e.g. "blame the fans"), and the only message that means anything in there is "Zac Taylor is returning". The rest is message board fodder and nothing else.
  15. Coaching changes on staff

    Nothing would ruin my enthusiasm for Bengals football, or what's left of it, faster than this. It would be the ultimate insult.