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Jets agree to terms with Testaverde


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Jets agree to terms with Testaverde

By DAVE GOLDBERG, AP Football Writer

September 27, 2005

NEW YORK (AP) -- Vinny Testaverde, who spent some of his best NFL seasons with the New York Jets, is set to rejoin the team to replace Chad Pennington, lost for the season with a shoulder injury.

The agreement was confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday by a person with knowledge of the deal, but who declined to be identified.

The Jets are desperate for a veteran quarterback with the loss of Pennington, and his backup, Jay Fiedler, who also injured his shoulder after replacing Pennington in Sunday's loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Brooks Bollinger, in his third season, was expected to start for the Jets in Sunday's game against Baltimore.

Testaverde, who started for Dallas last season, was at the Jets' training complex Tuesday morning for a physical. He was unsigned when this season began.

The agreement was first reported by Newsday on its Web site.

Testaverde, who turns 42 in two months, grew up a few miles from the Jets complex, and was with the team from 1998 through 2003, leading them to the AFC title game in 1998.

The first overall pick in the 1987 draft by Tampa Bay, he has played 18 seasons in the NFL with the Bucs, Cleveland/Baltimore, the Jets and the Cowboys. He is sixth on the NFL's career list of passers with 44,476 yards.

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Somewhere, LesterLyles is :cursing:

Given that they've changed OCs since Vinny was last here I don't see the advantage. Plus his elderly bones will be running for their lives behind the Jets o-line. OTOH Wayne Chrebet is going to be very happy; he was Vinny's go-to guy and saw his role dialed back once Penny took over.

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Vinny got a nice win today. Not pretty ..... but it goes in the w column and that's better than they thought they'd be doing. B)

Yep, a very nice win. He played a very manageable game, especially in the second half, considering he was building himself a brand new beer belly the previous week. I don't think the Jets' season is over yet... Vinny might have enough gas left in that geezer of a tank to take advantage of a pretty talented offensive team.

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I was pretty lukewarm on brining Vinny back but I have to say I was pretty pleased at what he did yesterday. Not great numbers but he played well (better than the numbers indicate, actually). Its just nice to see a QB w/ a real arm (Penny hasn't been right since last November). I agree the Jets season is not over simply b/c their division seems ot be weaker than its been in past years. The Jets D will keep them in every game!!

As for you guys, let me say that I was impressed despite the loss. IMO, the Bengals proved they were for realeven more than they did in victory the previous weeks. This game was top 4 in terms of your toughest games on the schedule.

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