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Predict our record


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Now that preseason, training camp, and week 1 are over. What do you guys think we will finish at this year?

IMO our schedule isnt nearly as intimidating as it was in the past couple years, I think we can win almost every game on there. Doesnt mean i think we will of coarse.

Im going to go out on a limb a bit and guess 11-5. With losses at KC, Baltimore, Pitt, and jax, and a home loss to the Colts. That should be enough for the top Wildcard spot. I wouldnt expect us to go far in the playoffs this year, but getting that experience would be great.

Of coarse, its entirely possible that this is flipped and we go 5-11 or something like that. I doubt it, but it could happen. All I know is, if we dont get above 500 this year im going to be pissed off.

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Ding! You boys have oracalized correctly!

Of course, now that I've said it, we're bound to win twelve...or ten.

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My orange-stripped heart says 16-0 :D

O.K., my prediction:

Home losses - Colts (honestly, the Vikings concern me this weekend coming off a loss, but I think they'll get it done with the home opener ... and the Colts are a really tough one, but it's after a bye week, and I think ML will have 'em ready to rock, but they'll lose a shoot-out)

Away losses - Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Kansas City (a .500 record on the road, with a final loss to KC as they sit the starters, getting ready for a game in the first round)

Yep, 7-1 at home ... Welcome to the Jungle! 2005 style!

11-5 overall, but the 3rd best record in the AFC.

I'm guessing the Colts will go 14-2 with their schedule (some tough games, but most at home). The Steelers (I hate them with such a passion that it's going to take about 10 years off my life ... but it's worth it!) will go 12-4. The Pats will finish a 'poor' 10-6. The Chiefs, with a better defense this year, will finish a respectable 10-6 as well. The other wildcard will be the Jags (10-6).

1st Round - Bengals at Chiefs (rematch from final game!), Jags at Pats

2nd Round - Bengals at Steelers (I die of a heart-attack as this game comes down to the final play ... I'll need to make sure I purchase extra life insurance this fall!), Pats at Colts

That's as far as I go, and more than you asked for.

Go Bengals!

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11-5 with a first round playoff loss.

Ack, that would be terrible! I'm not saying you're wrong of course, but I hope you are!

Instead of removing the "haven't been to the playoffs in 14 years" tag from our franchise, people would simply update it to "haven't won a playoff game in 15 years."

Please God, don't give us that torture!

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I didn't change my guess after the preseason Eagle disaster that had Bengal fans jumping off of bridges and I'm not going to change after a solid win over the Brownstains.



same... I've been saying 10-6 all off-season, and am not ready to change my mind based on a game that every expert I could find had us winning.

I still say 10-6... and would have kept it if we had lost... although I would have been tempted to predict 0-16.

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Also like duus my heart wants me to scream out 16-0 but I cant.

HOME ( 7-1) Loss to Indianapolis in a shootout 38-35

AWAY ( 5-3) Losses to Jacksonville, either Pittsburgh or Baltimore, but not both, and Kansas City(b/c the starters sit)

12-4 :player: who dey


well lets just see how the other teams play out before I make my bold predictios.

LOL, in other words I am too much of a homer for this sh*t

( first time i ever used the word homer )

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I'm saying 10-6, but thinking if we let a good start against poor teams through the first six games go to our heads, we could be set up for failure and get hit hard going into the meat of the schedule. Lets say we go 5-1 through the first six and get overconfident going into Indy... Could get ugly for the youngsters on our team. Here's to hoping the coaching staff keeps them focused (dump the win and focus on next week) or we could be looking at another 8-8 or 9-7 at best.

That's what I say and think, but I'm hoping for 12-4 and playoffs !!! :D


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