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2024 Ring o' Honor Game & Noms

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The MNF game against DC in week 3 will be Ring of honor game this year.


This years nominees are:

Jim Breech

James Brooks

Cris Collinsworth

Corey Dillon

David Fulcher

Tim Krumrie

Dave Lapham

Max Montoya

Lemar Parrish

Bob Trumpy

Reggie Williams

If I had a vote it would be Reggie and Tim.

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Put Lap in based partially on his stellar radio work.  He’s kind of like Mr. Cincinnati Bengals, get him in that ring of honor.  After that it’s a tie in my mind between Krumrie and Corey Dillon.

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I think Dillon for sure.    Lap is a good idea.   There has always been stories from people that covered the team and former players that suggest Parrish was better than Ken Riley.  I think they refer to him as Deon Sanders before Deon. 

Its hard to say no to any 80s Superbowl era pro bowler, IMO.  Those are some of my favorite players.

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When I think of potential next Bengal HOFer.   It goes like this

1. Ken Anderson - I think he's criminally overlooked and have lost hope it will ever happend - Already Ring of Honor inducted.

2. Willie Anderson - I hope this happens.  Completely deserving - Already Ring of Honor inducted.

3. Geno Atkins - All Decade Team.  He's deserving and when he comes up he'll at least get to the finals round which is a lot further than some of the 80s Bengals will get.

4. Andrew Whitworth - Deserving.  When he comes up he'll at least get as far as Willie Anderson has gotten.

Long story short.   Bengals will need to  figure out a way to have Atkins and Whit cut the line AT the same time their critical HOF voting is going on. 


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Still shocking that Parrish is rarely in the HOF conversation when it comes to Bengals as well.

The number I read that makes this such a glaring omission is:
"One of only 6 cornerbacks with at least 8 pro bowls and the only one of them that is NOT in the Pro Football Hall of Fame."

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