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Baghdad Hob Mocks Ridley at #21

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From bengals.com: 

Calvin Ridley: The Slide

21. BENGALS _ WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama; Geoff Hobson, Bengals.com

Don’t get mad. Yes, they are stacked with young, unproven receivers. Take a deep breath. Right, they did take John Ross and all 17 of his snaps at No. 9 last year. But don’t read Ridley’s name in there.

Read, “The Slide.” Ridley is symbolic of the dilemma they’ve probably been grappling with the last month. The Bengals are going to come face-to-face with their best-player-available philosophy and balancing it against need. So the discussion has to be had.

And it is doubtful Ridley is going to be here. Hard to see him getting past Dallas. And it’s hard to see him getting that far as one of the few players in this draft that can make an impact for you right away.
But if it’s not Ridley, it is quite possible there is going to a highly-graded player like him that falls. “The Slide.” Especially if those fifth and sixth QBs happen to go.

How are those centers or guards or backers looking if a pass rusher like Davenport or a run stuffer like Vea is there?

That also means there is probably going to be some interest in teams trading up to 21 to get Ridley or “The Slide.” The Bills would have grabbed Ridley with the next pick. The Bengals already have 11 picks, but that won’t stop them from trading back.

How about the Patriots picking at 23 and 31? Bengals president Mike Brown and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick have made four trades and one of them was on the clock in the 2012 first round when the Pats traded up from 27 to, yes, 21. They may want to come up from 31, but it’s probably not the best of matches this year. Both clubs are looking for tackles. Although Ridley did visit Foxboro this week.

But, if they’re as hot for a QB as some people believe, 21 could be a spot for familiar trading partners. So, relax. It probably won’t be Ridley. But they will have to have a discussion.


I can see this happening if the top rated WR (Ridley) manages to fall that far (doubtful) and McGlinchy isn't there either.  But what realistic scenario has him falling that far? At #21, if the top rated player at any position is there, outside of ST's and FB,  I would think they'd get heavy consideration regardless.  But I don't really expect that to be the case.

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If they take a receiver in the first round I will start a dog riot.  That's a riot in which the participants are mainly dogs.  It's one of the worst public disturbances you or your dog could participate in.  Receiver.  Really.  

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My 11 year old probably could have given 5-7 players that made more sense for the Bengals (and he's a Texans fan) that made more sense than Ridley for this team.

Don't get me wrong, I get taking the #1 player at their position, but just because they are rated the top guy at their position does not make them the best option.
It's not like we are talking about another AJ Green level of player in this instance.  I like Ridley and think he will be a fine player, but that won't help this team.

And if it's truly about taking the top rated player at their position, give me the #1 rated Center over the #1 rated WR in this years draft.

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It’s funny to look back.  Probably should have had Hobson drafting. 
 Even though he got injured last year, it’d be nice to have more young potential at WR with this team right now. 

Granted at the time we were Bodine shocked and Price has ended up being worse than Bodine.  


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