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Matt Barkley Signed at QB


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Checked this dude out on Google.  To say that this dude's tattoo game pales in comparison to McCarron's is the understatement of the year.  

To Matt Barkley, the responsibilities of a Cincy QB are as follows (in order):

1.  Have a bunch of gangster-ass tattoos that put a Yakuza overlord to shame.

2.  Hold a clipboard on the sideline, act interested in what's happening.

3.  Have a complete piece of ass for a wife, complete with internet pics that fans can drool over.

4.  Encourage Andy a lot.

5.  Be good on the field, but just good enough, don't be too threatening.  Or threatening at all.

6.  Practice your acceptance breathing, 'cause you ain't gonna see the field once the season starts.

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1 hour ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

We are now weaker at backup QB.

Definitely - Barkley is an interception on legs, not impressed at all. Just hoping that Dalton stays healthy enough through the season to keep Barkley away from any play time at all.

5 years in the League and now with his 5th club - that says a lot about his capabilities as a back up

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On 23/03/2018 at 2:21 PM, redsbengalsbucks said:

Barkley has a better head for the game 

but he's still shite

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