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17-0 up.......


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Did anyone really think  a Marvin led team could beat the Steelers tonight? 

Let' see will it be "we must do better" or "penalties hurt us" thats his go to phrase rather than "im a clueless old twat that should have been fired years ago".

No mental toughness on this team, just rolled over again, and the 3 points just before the half were a perfect illustrailtion. 2nd half we played off, got bullied and got what we deserved. Steelers will make the championship game at least while we contemplate another high draft pick.

Seriously, they may as well just give them the 2 games at the start of the season, and avoid all the injuries, fines and suspensions.

Do the Steelers even see it as a rivalry, or do they look on us as we look at Cleveland?

Sick of it.

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Year after year Marvin Lewis has demonstrated numerous times that he does not have the ability to guide his team to victory in big games and games vs the Steelers.

This is why coaches should be fired when they clearly show they can't get the team ready to beat the big rival.  

Not shocked at all.   Knew it was coming.

The broadcast even announced so many games the Steelers got Field goals in X amount of games vs the Bengals with 2 minutes or less in the first half. 


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Never in my history of being a Bengals fan have I enjoyed seeing the Bengals get beat.  UNTIL NOW !!!
I went to bed and couldn't sleep, so I actually popped on the game to see them up by 14 at halftime.

Then it happened.  You know, the same thing that always happens to a Marvin Lewis led team.  Out played, out coached, out muscled, out everything.
They lose the game at home, in primetime, to a hated rival with the playoffs still in the balance, with a last second field goal after being up 17-0.

The best part ??  Waking up this morning with headlines like, "Is this the game that ended the Marvin Lewis era?" and others questioning what happens next for him.
Here's to hoping the answer to those questions are, "yes" and "who cares"...  FIRE MARVIN NOW !!!

Holy shit, they went from seriously being in the hunt for a playoff birth to being back in the top 10 for a draft pick in 2018.
If all of this wasn't enough, the team acted like they always do when these teams play.  Undisciplined, stupid, and weak.
Somehow, no matter what, the Bengals end up being the Steelers bitch. 

Oh yeah, the penalties.  LMFAO.  You can't make this shit up.  Franchise record for penalties or penalty yardage or both.  Whatever.
Holy hell you can't find more ways for a team and coaching staff to fuck up more than the Bengals.  What a joke this organization is.
I think I'm the only one typing this stuff with a smile on his face.

Sorry, but last night I really found much joy in seeing them get bitch slapped.
Thanks Marvin, you didn't let me down !!!

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If you didn't watch the game, don't worry about it.  You've seen it all before.  It truly was like watching a rerun of any number of Steeler games.  

One interesting thing - the broadcast put up a graphic about dirty play in this game and how it leads to rule changes.  Then they showed a still picture of each hit.  One can only imagine the joy in various dilapidated trailers and shacks across Appalachia as the broadcast showed Kimo's knee job, Ward breaking Rivers' jaw, and Shazier using the crown to rearrange Gio's face. No mention was made of the fact that they were all Steeler cheap shots on Bengals.  Not that it would have mattered to the semi-toothless 33 year-old grandmother of four rejoicing in her Steelers wife-beater amidst a trash pile of losing lottery scratch offs, empty skoal cans, and WWE paraphernalia.  In fact they would have loved it if they had the mental capacity to discern such distinctions from the data their mother ship, the NFL and various beer and truck companies, shove in their slack-jawed faces every week.  

The Steelers have been doing it for 20 years.  Why?  It works.  Knocking Palmer out of a playoff game is worth it,  knocking Gio out of a playoff game is worth it.  The punishments aren't enough of a deterrent, that's very clear.

The year after James Harrison played for us, he was back to his old ways.  Whit broke the he man code and complained in the press.  He said  the league in pre season said they would crack down and not allow guys to get low then drive the crown of their helmet into the o-lineman's jaw/face mask.  Whit said I've watched film of James this year and he's back to doing it on every play and it's really dangerous, when will they stop it?  

The answer, Whit?  Never.  Better keep your head on a swivel when you play the Steelers!  Good old fashioned Steeler football!


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On 05/12/2017 at 10:52 AM, jonf45uk said:

the 3 points just before the half were a perfect illustration.


I actually called the second half as soon as the Steelers went up the field and got the points before the break (hot knife/butter).

I told my 10 year old son (who stayed up all night with me to watch the game until after 5:00am) exactly how the second half would unfold = toothless, unable to hold Pitts O, lose in the final minutes of the 4th qtr. 

I'm not a clairvoyant or a psychic, I've just been a Bengals fan long enough to know how the story ends


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